IOST combined with the big pimp shrimp double eleven blind box special, the whole network crazy snapped up

IOST combined with big pimp shrimp blind box crazy big delivery! The Double Eleven event ushered in the first round of the battle report. Up to now, the big pimp shrimp has completed the crazy purchase of the 11th morning file, and the number of blind boxes purchased by users using IOST has exceeded 100. Big Phi Phi Shrimp Double 11 will send up to 100,000 IOST in the second half! Blockchain double 11, really no threshold, just buy it!
Not only that, but the big pimp shrimp has made the best delivery of the welfare. The double eleven big pimp shrimps have launched three activities. Users only need to use IOST to buy any blind box in the big pimp shrimp and immediately cash back! The afternoon is in full swing! Still hesitating? Immediately add IOST small home (IOST999) into the group to grab the red envelope!
Big Pip Shrimp Download: