In terms of local currency, last week's Localbitcoins' BTC transaction volume in Venezuela and Argentina hit a record high

According to foreign media today, Coin Dance data shows that in the seven days ended last Saturday, Localbitcoins on Venezuela and Argentina's bitcoin trading volume (calculated on the basis of local currency) exceeded any previous time. The statistics cover the P2P trading platform Localbitcoins. Although the KYC requirements of the platform continue to increase, the platform continues to be favored in these two troubled economies.
Last week, Venezuela traded 142.9 billion Bolivars (VES), while Argentina traded 19.4 million pesos (ARS), both of which were higher than previous levels. However, based on Bitcoin, there was no significant increase in trading volume during the same period, which proves that the two countries' legal currency is still weakening. Venezuela traded 627 bitcoins ($5.5 million) last week, while Argentina traded 30. Bitcoin ($263,000).