The data shows that the DeFi project locks the value of 1.17 billion US dollars, an increase of 5.07% in the past week.

According to the DeFi special page data, as of now, 33 DeFi projects have counted a total of 1.17 billion US dollars, of which Maker locks 350 million US dollars, accounting for 30.08%, ranking first; EOSREX lock 3.4 billion US dollars, accounting for 29.61%, ranked second; ranked third is Edgeware lock warehouse 155 million US dollars, accounting for 13.34%; Compound, Synthetix, dYdX, Nuo and other DeFi applications accounted for 26.97%. Up to now, the total number of ETH locks has reached 3,333,200, accounting for 3.04% of the total circulation of the ETH market, and the total number of EOS locks has reached 100 million, accounting for 9.73% of the total EOS market. In the past week, as a whole: 1. Due to the continuous hot investment in EIDOS airdrops, EOSREX locks down by 3.07 million; 2. Maker locks newly added 80,000 ETHs, and the value of locks surpassed EOSREX to regain the leading position in DeFi market. 3. The value of the overall lock position of the DeFi project increased by 5.07% from the previous week.