Bitland, Kraken rejects United American Corp litigation

According to The Block, Bitland and Kraken dismissed the United American Corp litigation in response to a lawsuit filed by United American Corp. Bitcoin said that the antitrust lawsuit was not established because United American Corp filed a lawsuit based on speculation and did not give any evidence to prove its monopoly, or an agreement to prove the monopoly between any defendants in the lawsuit. Kraken said that the anti-monopoly lawsuit is meaningless, because Kraken does nothing to do anything to suppress the price of BSV. On the contrary, in the market where the price rises, the exchange makes the most money. According to a December 2018 news, Miami-based United American Corp announced the launch of a lawsuit against Bitcoin, which believes that, Roger Ver, Kraken Bitcoin Exchange and other individuals control the BCH network through carefully planned plans. Seeking personal interests harms the joint venture and other BCH stakeholders.