Shao Bing, head of the chain block of Tencent Cloud: Cloud is the infrastructure, plus the sub-item of the blockchain

According to Babbitt news, recently, the leader of Tencent Cloud Block Chain Shao Bing said in an interview with Babbitt that the layout of Tencent Cloud Blockchain is mainly reflected in three aspects: First, the blockchain service platform TBaAS, around a variety of The blockchain bottom platform provides one-stop blockchain services to the outside world. Second, around the blockchain technology, we work with customers and partners to do some solutions and benchmarking applications to promote the landing and commercialization of blockchain technology. Third, actively participate in and promote the construction of blockchain community and blockchain ecology, and have very close cooperation with Hyperledger community, Golden Chain Alliance, and Xintongyuan. He also pointed out that the cloud is the infrastructure and is a plus item in the blockchain. Blockchain is an integrated technology that, in addition to traditional IT technologies such as servers, networks, containers, interfaces, and security, continues to expand its technology boundaries, such as application systems, authoritative CAs, and even the Internet of Things, big data. Integrate technologies to meet business needs. Deploying blockchains in the cloud provides a flexible infrastructure that reduces the cost of integration, deployment, and operations. Some organizations consider data risks or regulatory requirements, and hope to run blockchain systems within the enterprise. Tencent cloud blockchain products also provide privatization deployment methods to meet the needs of these organizations.