Qi Baishi and other first batch of 9 modern and modern famous paintings and calligraphy have completed the blockchain filing work.

According to the China News Network, the Hessian Art Foundation recently commissioned the Chinese Painting (Hangzhou) Cultural Asset Management Co., Ltd. to appraise and evaluate the first batch of art products with a total value of approximately RMB 86 million, including Qi Baishi’s “Big Fugui”. "Yueheheshan", Huang Binhong's "Lingyan Jiyou", Lu Yushao's "峨嵋冬雪" and a total of 9 modern and famous masterpieces of paintings and paintings. Through the innovative integration of biological DNA, NFC chips, blockchain, cloud computing and Internet of Things technologies, the anti-counterfeiting traceability and copyright protection of art are realized. At present, the first batch of artworks have completed the nano-DNA reagent and NFC chip embedding, blockchain filing, insurance underwriting, and museum depository work.