Jiang Guofei, Vice President of Ant Financial Services: Blockchain will become a digital economic infrastructure in the future

Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial Services, announced at the Tmall Double 11 Media Center that the blockchain has fully participated in this year's Tmall Double 11, playing a role in authentic traceability, original "seller show" protection, service small business loans, global trade, etc. Bring a whole new experience to businesses and consumers. Jiang Guofei said that in the future, blockchain will change the life and business like mobile payment and become the infrastructure of the digital economy. In Jiang Guofei's view, the blockchain has great value in protecting user privacy and data security, improving social synergy efficiency, and reducing trust costs. But the blockchain can only be truly valued if it is applied to the business and helps the society solve the problem. Therefore, the first scenario of Alipay's blockchain technology in 2016 was applied to charitable donations. Due to the transparency of information, the fundraising rate of charity projects on the chain was twice that of ordinary projects.