Securities Network: Not all projects require blockchain, and not all data needs to be wound.

On November 11th, the securities network issued a document “Listing companies not only do not know the concept, blockchain + information security accelerates the development of integration”. The article said that although the blockchain is good, it does not mean that all industries must catch up with the technology and fashion for the blockchain and blockchain. The application of the blockchain requires us to find a suitable application scenario. Not all projects require a blockchain, nor do all the data need to be wound. The blockchain sacrifices system processing performance and partial privacy at the expense of synchronous storage and co-computation of a large amount of redundant data, and is not suitable for high-concurrency payment scenarios such as retail payment. In addition, due to these highly redundant information, The privacy protection of business information and personal data poses great challenges. In this period of rapid blockchain, many companies are eager to share a piece of the chain, but if their industry and blockchain technology can not be better matched, the "blockchain" can only stay in the "concept" on.