The president of the University of Fire Co., Yu Jianing: The country will definitely further strengthen the supervision of the “mining” industry and put it on the right track.

Yu Jianing, the president of the China University of Communications Industry and the deputy director of the China Railway Industry Association Blockchain Committee, said in an interview with the Times Weekly that the NDRC’s removal of “mining” from the elimination of the industry is a normal adjustment, which is conducive to the promotion of professionalism. Innovation in the field of chip manufacturing. However, he believes that there is no need to interpret this adjustment as a state shift to encourage “mining”, and that the “mining” industry is unlikely to develop rapidly due to a policy change. Yu Jianing believes that the current “mining” industry is still in the early stage of growth, and there are many problems, including tax evasion and illegal use of electricity by enterprises, in addition to energy-saving production and safe production, and even money laundering. problem. "In the future, the country will definitely strengthen supervision and put it on the right track."