Jia Nan, Zhi Zhi, Shao Jianliang: Development and Reform Commission Directory Adjustment, Good Encryption Mining

From the perspective of financial supervision, the country has been restricting the development of “mining” industry. Despite this, the “mining” industry has not stopped developing. In the interview, the reporter found that many practitioners believe that the National Development and Reform Commission has removed the title of “eliminating industry” at the top of the virtual currency “mining”, which means that the state’s attitude toward “mining” has been changed from being discouraged to allowed. "This move is paving the way for regular military admissions. It will be more convenient to enter the mining industry after large funds." Shao Jianliang, general manager of the block chain of Jianan Zhizhi District, the world's second largest mining machine manufacturer, also said in an interview with the media that the adjustment of the NDRC has made the industry as a whole reassurance, which will benefit the industry development. In the period of rapid development, the head enterprises may be rapidly developing. On the other hand, some backward production capacity and companies may have a high probability of going out." According to Zhe Liang's observation, after the news of the catalogue adjustment, there was no big change in the miners' group and the mining pool group, but he predicted that "after that, large-scale compliance funds will gradually enter the 'mining' industry."