Tsinghua Zhonghong: Blockchain industry will usher in three development opportunities, such as the construction of uplink infrastructure

Zhong Hong, president of Tsinghua x-lab, the president of the Qingtian Chain Research Institute, and the director of the National Research Institute, Tsinghua x-lab Digital Economics Laboratory, said in an interview: In the era of digital rights economy, the blockchain industry will usher in three important opportunities. , namely, the construction of uplink infrastructure, the new business of digital economy, and the application of trusted society. Specifically: first, infrastructure development based on blockchain technology (data storage, data communication, data sharing, data management, etc.); It is a new model of blockchain digital economy. It is a new business model of “blockchain+” represented by digital currency, supply chain digital finance, digital asset deposit and verification, and big data trusted trading. Third, traceability of food safety. Trusted applications in scenarios such as government data sharing, precision poverty alleviation and charity points. I believe that the main challenges are three directions: first, independent technological innovation, large-scale commercial application of blockchain technology, and a series of technical challenges; secondly, accelerating the industrialization of blockchain technology, urgently need national and local policy support, And the introduction of industry standards and related supporting laws and regulations as soon as possible. Thirdly, the development of the blockchain industry urgently needs to establish two markets, namely the open application market and the capital market. The implementation of the support for the blockchain industry requires a top-level design.