People's Daily Overseas Edition: Blockchain "chain" to the future

The People’s Daily’s overseas edition of the article “China’s core technology independent innovation is an important breakthrough in the blockchain chain” to the future. The article said that in the "13th Five-Year National Informationization Plan" issued by the State Council in 2016, China has listed blockchain technology as a strategic frontier technology. On October 24, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee conducted the eighteenth collective study on the status quo and trend of blockchain technology development, and clearly identified the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies. Regarding the development prospects of the blockchain, the article refers to the core technology that can solve the trust problem. It is indispensable for building a new credit system, and China promotes the effective integration of the blockchain and the main economy. Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial Services, believes that the blockchain has entered the commercial era ahead of time, which is first of all due to advances in technology, further maturity of system performance and data protection, followed by open technology to accelerate group innovation, and thirdly with industry. Benchmarking has stimulated the snowball effect. In the future, these three points will continue to accelerate the commercialization of blockchain, and there will be more transactions and information exchange to establish an interconnected and trustworthy system through the blockchain, and finally realize a world of “Internet of Everything + Internet of 10,000 Chains”.