Grin receives another 50 bitcoin donations, and the donor is the earliest believer in Bitcoin.

The privacy coin project Gringer Grin Development Fund once again received a donation of 50 bitcoins, the donors were anonymous, and the donor's bitcoin came from the block in December 2010 and should be an early participant in Bitcoin. The donor has interacted with the Grin core development team and said: “I don’t care how you spend the donation, just want to make sure that you can handle it and distribute it as needed. It feels like it’s back in 2009 and 2010. Don't worry, you are doing very well. It's great to have Grin now. Our motivation is not to make money, but about technology and agreement. Please make full use of it to develop GRIN."
According to previous reports, the Grin Development Fund received a total of 50 bitcoin donations in May this year. The donors were anonymous. The donor's bitcoin was from the 93709 block dug up on November 25, 2010.