Ripple CTO questioned Stellar's decentralization

Recently, Stellar co-founder Jed McCaleb (Ripple's former CTO and co-founder) and Ripple's chief technology officer David Schwartz have had a fierce confrontation on Twitter. Schwartz posted a video to Twitter after the Ripple Swell conference, and a Twitter user commented that 25 cents is not fun. Schwartz quickly responded with an ironic tone and indirectly mentioned the destruction of XLM tokens. It said, "XRP is too decentralized, otherwise someone may consume half of the supply and raise the price to 29 cents."
Later, Jed McCaleb responded: "What are you talking about. Ripple Labs can also consume half of the XRP supply." Schwartz said: "Thank you! If we find that everything we have done has no effect, I will keep this in mind. a little."
According to previous reports, the Stellar Development Foundation destroyed 55 billion lumens (about 50% of the total supply).