Market analysis: shrinking and falling, the most grind

Author: talk on gold coins

The market is still a further two-step trend. At present, the selling pressure is not large, the short position is slightly stronger, and the bulls are slightly weaker. It is expected that this weak balance will continue for a while until the long-short balance is broken, from the weekly level. On the list, the trend of several major leading varieties is not very optimistic, the mid-line adjustment is far from over. The trend of this shrinking and falling is the most hurtful. You don’t think it will work. It’s swaying, you feel good. However, it went on again, and it was spent repeatedly and repeatedly, until no one participated in the war, instead of consuming it, it was better to watch the fire from the other side, and wait until the trend was clear.


From the weekly level, BTC has broken through half of the previous big Yangxian line and fell below the 5-week line. It has not yet reached the time point of the weekly closing, so the market still has to compete for the 5-week line. Possibility, the target goes up like this, and the repeated yin and yang intersecting moves are very large for the long-term consumption. This trend is probably the same as the June-September move. After the volume has shrunk to a certain extent, I am afraid. Will open the bottom again, from the daily line level is not too optimistic, 5 antennas and 10 antennas have turned heads to love, forming a certain pressure on the price of coins, pay attention to the support strength around 8300, the trend of the yin falls the most gruel I still recommend that everyone participate cautiously, stay on the sidelines, wait for the trend to be clear and make decisions.


ETH has followed the BTC's decline. It has repeatedly tested the pressure of the $190 neckline. Whether it can break through the key depends on the volume and performance of the BTC. The target cannot go out of the independent market, and the probability is to follow the market. The neckline pressure of the standard W bottom is relatively large, and the current trading volume is not enough to form an effective breakthrough. If the delay cannot be broken, the market is not as good as the BTC, if the target is again returned to the vicinity of 150 US dollars. Be careful, the three touches will break, the three touches will break, and the individual thinks that the BTC is more likely to go downwards, and the target may follow.

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