8 dApps you should try now!

Want to experience some interesting dApps? Looking for a seamless dApp gaming experience? Come to Dorothy to experience the "one-stop login" dApp! There are games like Dice and Plinko. spoiler! Many of these games come with a demo version and you can try it without risk.
These dapps provide a seamless entertainment experience, as you can log in to these dapps games in one step.
Do you have a Dorothy account? If so, you can start the experience. No registration is required.
They can interoperate with MoA-Connect.
You can access our wallet MoA directly from the dApp.
Use these TEDs to play these dApps without paying any transaction fees.
Do you have an EDN? Install MoA and swap it to TEDN. Play these games with TEDN without any transaction fees.
Game trading history is open to the public and can always be verified.
You can check the transaction history at eexplorer.edenchain.io at any time.
Try these fun dApps at https://dorothy.network/one-step-signin and accumulate your wealth.
Dorothy: https://dorothy.network
MoA: https://MoA.network