Industry Weekly | Last week, 7 new financing projects in the blockchain, and 5 domestic support policies were introduced.

One week hot spot

[Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission issued a series of regulatory measures]

On November 6, the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission promulgated the official announcement of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission that the "Standards: Regulatory Virtual Assets Trading Platform" and "Guidance on Virtual Assets Futures Contracts" were issued. The new rules show that the regulation only includes the platform for trading securities-based tokens, and the threshold for KYC, AML and platform security is high; on the client side, only qualified investors can participate. This means that most of the existing investors in the currency circle are kept out.

[Germany releases blockchain strategy]

Germany released the "German National Blockchain Strategy" The German government stated in the document that the strategy described in this paper describes the federal government's overall view of blockchain technology and demonstrates the federal government's objectives and principles in blockchain technology. And put forward specific action measures in five aspects.

[The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Strengthens Blockchain Planning and Guidance]

The "Reply to the No. 1394 Recommendation of the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on November 4 disclosed that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has responded to the National People's Congress representative Zhu Lifeng's "on the new retail, blockchain and industry. The specific content of the combination of the Internet and the proposal to help the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The first is to strengthen the planning and guidance of blockchain. The second is to establish and improve the blockchain standard system. The second is to establish and improve the blockchain standard system.

[Mine mining removed from the elimination industry]

On the morning of November 6, the Chinese government website issued the “Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2019)”, which was revised by the National Development and Reform Commission. Upon examination, it was found that the “virtual currency mining” that was in the industry of elimination in the first consultation draft was deleted.

[BMI index hits a new high]

The China Blockchain Manager Index (BMI) issued by the Interlink Pulse reached 76.9, which was affected by the domestic favorable policies, which was a significant increase from 47.8 in the previous month. This point also set a record high since the data in March.

Technology platform dynamics


Cross-border financial blockchain service platform

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange's cross-border financial blockchain service platform has recently expanded again. On the basis of 9 pilot provinces and cities nationwide, it will be extended to 19 provinces and cities nationwide. On March 22 this year, the “Cross-border Financial Blockchain Service Platform” was the first to be piloted in the municipalities of Shanghai and Chongqing, and the provincial capitals of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian. On July 6, the pilot scope was expanded, and Shaanxi, Beijing, Xiamen, and Ningbo provinces were added to participate in the pilot. In the middle and late October, the expanded pilot areas included the State Administration of Foreign Exchange in Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, and Sichuan. Shaanxi, Beijing, Chongqing, Hebei, Shanxi, Jilin, Zhejiang, Fujian, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Xiamen, Ningbo and other branches.


According to Cointelegraph on November 6th, Ripple's investment department and technology incubator Xpring has completed a strategic investment in the smart contract platform Flare Networks. The Flare Network has been in development for more than two years and integrates the Ethereum Virtual Machine to enable smart and contracted public and private networks. Flare will soon release a draft white paper on tokens detailing the construction and decentralized management of its native token, an algorithm-based stable currency.

Disclosure project this week

User energy management

Australian blockchain energy company Power Ledger, in partnership with power retailer Powerclub, will integrate its blockchain-based energy trading application virtual power plant (VPP) into Powerclub commercial products, allowing users in the country to store excess solar and batteries to VPP to better control and manage energy.

Tracking energy transportation service platform

The Canadian Department of Homeland Security Technology and a Canadian blockchain company, Mavennet Systems, signed a development contract to help develop a blockchain service platform that tracks energy transportation, which is currently used to track US borders from the northern border. Oil and gas transportation.

Blockchain digital civil affairs platform

Loudi City is advancing the blockchain digital civil affairs platform, which will realize the comparison between the civil affairs department and labor, finance and taxation, industry and commerce, housing construction, public security, vehicle management, finance and other information, effectively solve the problem of poor household income verification, "And other issues. In the next step, it will gradually expand into applications in the fields of education, employment, pension, precision poverty alleviation, medical health, commodity anti-counterfeiting, food safety, public welfare, and social assistance.


Alipay's blockchain technology was first applied to the Taobao merchant service platform, and the merchant's trusted digital access certificate tool was launched. The tool provides merchants with one-stop online self-service for electronic data deposit, infringement forensics and electronic data evidence verification. Taobao shop owners who use this service, if they find that their original pictures have been stolen, can ask the other party to delete the pictures after a dispute arises.

Dandelion Chain" new media platform

China Telecom and Huawei Glory announced strategic cooperation, opening up a new format of the media industry with blockchain technology as the kinetic energy, and creating a new media platform for “Dandel Chain”. It is reported that the platform will be applied to the advertising media industry in the form of “blockchain + information service”, to provide various offline stores in the form of SaaS services, to create a credit chain for advertising consumption, to link the majority of physical stores and labor practitioners. By.

Shanghai International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Information Service Platform

Shanghai International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Information Service Platform was unveiled, using blockchain technology to achieve information traceability. The platform uses blockchain technology to achieve distributed ledger, data tamper resistance and information traceability, providing end-to-end and “visualized” supply chains from source to consumption for upstream and downstream enterprises in the imported medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Information services have improved regulatory efficiency and accuracy, and effectively reduced regulatory costs and corporate burdens.

Food traceability and sales voucher system

Guangzhou Huangsha Aquatic Products Trading Market has piloted the application of blockchain technology to the food traceability and sales voucher system. Based on this pilot, the successful experience will be promoted to the whole province, including Shenzhen, Shantou, Foshan, Huizhou, Zhanjiang and Zhaoqing. Before the end of the year, more than 80% of the aquatic product operators in the six cities will use the edible agricultural product blockchain traceability system.

Cobalt source tracking

Volvo will use blockchain technology to help it track the source of cobalt used in electric vehicles, such as the XC40 Recharge, with tracking information including the weight and size of cobalt and its “chain of custody”.

Digital identification system

The Republic of Azerbaijan plans to complete a blockchain-based digital identification system project by the end of 2019, and the new system will be implemented in the first quarter of 2020.

Blockchain trading platform

Singapore DBS, the Swiss commodities trader Trafg.UL and its partners have launched a blockchain trading platform in Singapore to reduce paperwork and improve trade flows.

Exporter ticket financing business

The Agricultural Bank of China Xi'an West Street Branch successfully handled the exporter's ticket financing business under the blockchain platform for an enterprise. The first international block financing platform of the Agricultural Bank of China was successfully implemented.

Commutation and parole informationization case handling platform

The platform for commutation and parole informationization handled by the Tianjin Procuratorate was officially put into operation. For the first time, the interconnection and data sharing between the Municipal Procuratorate and the Municipal Higher People's Court and the Municipal Prison Administration's commutation and parole system were realized. The platform is the first self-administered platform for independent and controllable blockchain launched by the municipal law authorities.

Improve passenger travel experience

Capital Airport will use blockchain technology to enhance the passenger travel experience. Passengers complete identity authentication at home by mobile phone. After arriving at the Capital Airport, they do not need to show any identity documents. “Swipe face” can complete all the flight links. As of November 3, 498 flights in China, nearly 60,000 passengers experienced “ Brush your face" boarding. The Capital Airport will also plan to introduce differentiated security inspections and use blockchain technology to enable passengers to have more timely and comprehensive flight information.

Inter-bank blockchain Forfaiting trading platform

Everbright Bank, together with Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, Minsheng Bank, Ping An Bank and other banking institutions, jointly established the inter-bank blockchain Forfeiting Trading Platform (BCFT), and successfully launched the line as the core node of the blockchain on October 25. On the day of the launch, Everbright Bank completed the Forfaiting buy and sell transactions with Bank of China, China CITIC Bank and Ping An Bank on the Forfeiting trading platform of the inter-bank blockchain, with a cumulative amount exceeding 100 million yuan.

National Network Transaction Monitoring Platform

The “National Network Transaction Monitoring Platform” was officially launched in Zhejiang. This is the development and construction commissioned by the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Bureau by the State Administration of Markets. It is a new exploration practice in the field of network supervision and application of cutting-edge technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence. The platform uses blockchain technology to fix and deposit information on the Internet transaction entities and commodity information suspected of illegal activities on the PC and mobile terminals, ensuring that the monitoring data is traceable, provable, trustworthy and cannot be tampered with. In addition, the platform can also realize the functions of analysis, judgment, early warning, data interaction and linkage.

Public account book

Through the introduction of blockchain technology, the “Top Liangzhu Health and Poverty Alleviation Public Welfare Insurance Project” jointly sponsored by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Alibaba, Ant Financial and Alipay has created a “public account book” for “top pillars” public welfare insurance projects, allowing donors and charitable organizations. Project participants such as insurance companies and insured persons jointly “book” and supervise, and neither party can tamper with it, so that information such as donation funds, coverage of county areas, and claims can be promptly and accurately announced.

This week's financing project

Sky Mavis

Sky Mavis is a blockchain game developer that develops products that allow anyone to have their own digital identity and gaming assets.

Topological chain

TopChain is the global leading brand of blockchain games under the Singapore Topology Foundation. It reshapes the game industry architecture with a decentralized concept. It solves the current game industry giant monopoly by going to the TopChain player community, topology consensus, and topological mining. The channels are detrimental and the decentralized industrial structure of multi-party win-win is built. The birth of TopChain means the arrival of change. TopChain will join hands with game enthusiasts around the world to build a global decentralized game ecosystem that everyone can participate, everyone decides, and everyone benefits, to witness the new glory of the game industry.


HomiEx is a digital currency exchange that currently accepts 8 mainstream currency deposits. Its exchange platform currency, HMT, will be launched at the end of this month and the bonus option game will be activated.


Arweave is a data storage blockchain protocol service provider that focuses on blockchain protocols that permanently store Internet information.

Flare Networks

Flare Networks is a smart contract-related service provider, and Flare will use XRP addresses and encryption systems to provide XRP users with a seamless way to interact with smart contracts on the Flare network.


COINBIG is a distributed digital asset trading platform that solves the common pain points of the current digital currency trading industry, such as long TOKEN online time, high user learning costs, low transaction environment stability, unsecured exchange security, and poor trading experience. And other issues. At the same time, COINBIG created a digital currency trading platform containing “blockchain financial derivatives + quantitative trading + simulation trading” to provide a safe, fair and open blockchain financial derivatives for blockchain digital asset investors. Quantify the trading environment of the transaction and provide them with more opportunities to profit or avoid risks when the price of the digital currency fluctuates drastically.

Node Pacific

Node Pacific is a Hong Kong public link node and community governance service provider focused on building local and global communities, providing Asia Pacific channels and one-stop solutions for developers interested in the Asia Pacific region.

Blockchain Policy – Regulation


On November 6, the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission issued the "Warnings on Virtual Assets Futures Contracts" and "Standards: Regulating Virtual Asset Trading Platforms".


On November 5th, Japan plans to make rules during the year to prohibit trust investments targeting virtual currency.

United Kingdom

On November 4th the UK updated the Encrypted Tax Guide, emphasizing that Bitcoin is not a currency or a security.


On November 7, the new Russian law will allow the police to confiscate bitcoin from 2021.

San Marino

On November 4th the Republic of San Marino began to register and supervise blockchain companies.


Draft EU document on November 5th: New rules for cryptocurrency assets and stable currencies should be considered.

Blockchain Policy – Support


On November 4th, Zhuzhou Electronic Information Industry Development Plan (2018-2025) highlighted the need to vigorously develop the blockchain industry.

On November 6th, the new edition of the industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue: the blockchain information service within the scope of the state is included in the encouraged category; the “eliminated industry” deletes the “virtual currency mining”.

On November 6, the Shenzhen People's Congress report recommended that the digital currency pilot should be promoted to study the feasibility of issuance.

On November 8, Changsha Municipal Government issued the "Opinions on Further Promoting the "Four New" Economic Development", which will create seven application scenarios such as blockchain.

On November 9, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a plan to support 17 projects including the blockchain industry in Hainan.

United Kingdom

On November 7th, the British Parliament established a blockchain group expert committee to provide advice on policy planning related to blockchain.


Turkish President on November 5: Turkey will complete the test of the digital lira in 2020.


On November 5th Cyprus has developed a national strategy for distributed technology.