Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial Services: Blockchain has fully participated in Tmall Double 11

Source: Ant Financial Service

Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial, announced at the Tmall Double 11 Media Center on the 11th that the blockchain has fully participated in this year's Tmall Double 11, which is played in the fields of authentic traceability, original “seller show” protection, small business loans, global trade, etc. The role of bringing a new experience to businesses and consumers.

“In the future, blockchain will transform life and commerce like mobile payments and become the infrastructure of the digital economy.”

Jiang Guofei introduced that 400 million Tmall Haitao products from more than 100 countries have obtained “identity cards” on the blockchain this year. With Alipay, Tmall and Taobao, they can see that they have purchased from overseas. Full link information for domestic distribution. With this proof of identity, "trust in the transaction is naturally established."


In Jiang Guofei's view, the blockchain has great value in protecting user privacy and data security, improving social synergy efficiency, and reducing trust costs.

“But the blockchain can only be applied to the business and help the society solve the problem in order to truly reflect the value.”

Therefore, the first scenario of Alipay's blockchain technology in 2016 was applied to charitable donations. Due to the transparency of information, the fundraising rate of charity projects on the chain was twice that of ordinary projects.

During the Tmall Double 11 this year, the power of blockchain technology has become more and more obvious. The blockchain has been applied to cross-platform pirates that have been a headache for businesses. Pirates have caused business losses to many businesses, but they have difficulty in defending their rights. Especially in cross-platform piracy, how evidence is judged to be effective has always been a problem. Before the Tmall double 11 this year, Alipay launched a photo original protection platform for the merchants. The seller showed a one-click chain and completed the copyright deposit in one second. Under the joint witness of the judicial organs and notary agencies, it became the “right to protect the rights”. "The ironclad certificate." According to statistics, during the Tmall double 11 period, a total of 5 million "sellers show" will be protected by the blockchain.


Alipay's blockchain technology has also helped Tmall's 11 tens of thousands of small merchants get nearly 1 billion to promote the financing of goods. The blockchain application in the supply chain finance realizes the flexible and reliable split flow of accounts receivable, which can solve the financing difficulties and financing problems of small and micro enterprises at the end of the supply chain, so that more small and micro enterprises can obtain equal and high efficiency. Inclusive financial services.

At the same time, the efficiency of global trade has increased with the application of blockchain. This year, Tmall double 11, tens of thousands of small businesses choose "on the chain" certification status, cross-platform business, 5 minutes to get a "passport." It took a few days.

Up to now, Alipay blockchain technology has landed more than 40 application scenarios, including cross-border remittances, electronic bills, and genuine traceability, all of which are aimed at solving "real problems."

"We are rapidly entering the digital economy era. With the advancement of the Internet of Things, data, and computing technology, all industries are rapidly digitizing. However, a very interesting trend is that data is also being assetized."

In Jiang Guofei's view, where data and value need to flow, where efficiency is low, the application of blockchain technology is particularly fast.


“Every year, Tmall Double 11 is a training ground for Alipay technology. It is hoped that the blockchain technology that has been tempered in this occasion can better serve the real economy and solve social problems.” Jiang Guofei believes that blockchain is currently only accelerating business. The first step of the process.

“The prospects for blockchain commercialization are very broad, but overall, we are still in the starting phase today.”