Xie Ping, general manager of Central Huijinyuan: If Libra is launched, its impact cannot be ignored.

According to China Financial News Network, recently, at the 3rd Central South China Equity Investment Summit Forum, Xie Ping, general manager of Central Huijinyuan, said that Libra is a super-sovereign currency in terms of monetary theory, and the super-sovereign currency itself is right now. There are currency challenges. He believes that Libra has an intrinsic monetary value because Libra has a basket of legal monetary and financial assets as collateral. Unlike Bitcoin, it has intrinsic value. From the perspective of intrinsic value, it has the same value as the RMB and the US dollar. Its value storage function is the same as the current currency, with natural cross-border payment. "After the Libra is used up, the biggest threat to China is capital flight." Xie Ping reminded: "Now capital is fleeing underground money or bitcoin accounts; if Libra is launched, capital flight will be very convenient, transaction costs will drop significantly, which is the most headache." He believes that Libra once The use will promote thousands of ordinary people familiar with blockchain technology, like the old people familiar with the Internet, this blockchain technology is a huge boost. Libra or blockchain technology, used for tokenization, for human payment systems, especially anonymous, peer-to-peer payments, is unavoidable, a huge challenge to existing human payment systems.