CCTV: What can the “blockchain” of the competition layout do?

On November 11th, released what can be done about the “blockchain” that is competing for layout? 》 video. At the beginning of the video, Zuckerberg defended Libra as an entry point and pointed out: 1. The global giants are vying to lay out the blockchain, accelerating the arrival of the application era, and digital currency is the tool for value transmission by the blockchain. At present, the main way for investors to participate in the blockchain is digital currency trading; 2. In the future, digital currency will use a new payment tool, no need to rely on third-party bank accounts, as long as the payment tool has money, it can be directly transferred. And security can not be falsified; 3. Bitcoin is a presentation of blockchain, but also an application; 4. Blockchain also has storage, traceability of commodity sources, retroactive copyright and other characteristics. 5. Once the blockchain technology is mature and put into use, it cannot be compromised, destroyed or altered by any other person or entity. It will be a financial solution, and whoever masters the blockchain technology will have the wealth.