Shanghai "Citizen Cloud" breaks through 10 million users and explores the use of blockchain thinking to solve public service problems

With the development of digital China, the current e-government has achieved certain development, but how e-government can smoothly develop to the next stage, Ling Li, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Government's “Citizen Cloud” Management Center believes that the district needs to be used. Blockchain thinking to solve the problem.

It is understood that "Citizen Cloud" is a public service platform in Shanghai. At present, Shanghai has taken the lead in becoming a city that has exceeded 10 million users. On April 19th, the 7th China (Shanghai) International Technology Import and Export Fair (referred to as “Shandong Fair”)-Shanghai Blockchain Technology Application Forum was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Exhibition Hall. A speech was made for further development.

Ling Li believes that although the Shanghai Big Data Center has opened up the data information network between the municipal bureaus, it is difficult to aggregate and utilize the real-time data such as traffic conditions, but at the same time the information is likely to be strongly correlated. In addition, there is still a level between the various bureaus, and information is difficult to mobilize. For example, the administrative services of the same type of appeal include: personal/corporate credit data collection, volunteer service files, marital status, charitable donation flow tracking, help and rescue records, lifelong learning, etc.

Ling Li proposed how to complete the information completeness and timeliness better? How to better share between industries and departments? How is the information stored? And whether the data information of enterprises and other parties can be solidified and play a role in forensics? This is an issue that should be considered and resolved in the next stage of e-government development.

“We use blockchain thinking to see if we can solve these problems.”

The characteristics of the blockchain include distributed storage networks, non-tamperable, traceable, etc. He believes that the blockchain is a peer-to-peer network, which means that the participants in the system are peer-to-peer, and there is no difficulty. The issue of mobilizing resource data. On this basis, functions such as security, data trust, and traceability can be realized. It can solve various difficulties in the current e-government, such as difficulty in coordinating parallel departments, difficulty in updating updated information, large time span, and information need to be verified.

After the meeting, Ling Li accepted an interview with the Odaily Planet Daily. The current thinking of the “Citizen Cloud” is the form of the alliance chain. It may adopt a way of cooperation with enterprises. The company is responsible for monitoring and monitoring. At present, the “Citizen Cloud” exploration of the blockchain is still in the preliminary research and planning stage. This is very promising and is expected to be implemented in the next three years.

According to reports, Ling Li is the deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association, the professor of the Department of Communication at Fudan University, the deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Government's practical project “Citizen Cloud” Management Center, and the information technology expert of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.

Source: Planet Daily

Author: Wu gourmets

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