Babbitt column | Three mysterious people in the bitcoin civil war

Author: super king

The virtual age and the real age of the person are calculated differently. The virtual age is calculated from the fertilized egg, and the real age is calculated from the birth. Bitcoin is probably the same. November 1st, 2008 is the date when the Bitcoin white paper was released. According to Professor Xiong, it is the day of fertilization, the beginning of the virtual age; January 3, 2009 is the bitcoin creation block. The days, the child was born, the beginning of the age. Now everyone is popular, still count November 1 as the birthday of Bitcoin. The date when many blockchain companies were established was also specially chosen for this day, such as the currency letter (2014.11.01), such as cobo (2017.11.01). As a result, in the perception of hard bitcoin powder, there is a kind of common celebration. The sense, as well as Bitcoin, is safe and stable, until the old days.

A while ago, watching Babbitt engage in a video of a 10-year K-line chart of Bitcoin, with a large background music, I can see that I have tears in my eyes, I can’t help but write: Ten years of condensed into a K-line, constantly fluctuating Stretching, every second of every node has a vivid memory. Ben Cong Creation, geeks pioneering, speculative, winter gaze, iron and blood infighting, institutions to enter, the country's wrestling, like in the innocent history of the sky, inadvertently set off a corner, the magnificent epic songs come. Among them, among the magical reality, they have experienced passion and disappointment, ambition and ambiguity. Thousands of heartfelt things are in the rhythm of the drums, and the past experience is the same. The drums will not stop, the K line continues to rush, the time is always in a hurry, go to the appointment together, go to the 20-year contract of Nakamoto.

The story of iron-blooded fighting, history has begun to blur, although it has only been two years since the time, but from the perspective of mental perception, it seems to be the last century, not to mention other people, I as a serious participant Sometimes I can't remember, I really want to write a history, but I need to interview a lot of people, and many of them are old and dead, some friends are reluctant to mention, and some friends are far away from the rivers and lakes. It seems that the official history can not be written, I simply write a wild history novel, the story of the three mysterious people in this battle, after a meal, smiled.

First of all, the mysterious person in the public opinion war. The sound of the drums and the expansion of the block began in 2014. After the 2015-2016 two-year debate, it was prosperous in 2017. The expansion of the block has become the political correctness of the Bitcoin community, and it has gradually evolved. Later, the expansion is no longer a general expansion. The soft-forked step-by-step expansion is regarded as the royalist, the appeasement, and the hard fork is regarded as an effective action. Party, more radicals can not wait to block from 1m to 32m. All in all, everyone talks about expansion. With the birth of BCH, the radical expansion party has captured all the public opinion, and many of the rivers and lakes have remained silent. Some friends are afraid of buying a mining machine and worrying about it. Some friends are stunned by the other side. Silence is the choice of most people. Therefore, there are countless articles in the radical expansion, and they are all voices in various propaganda bastions. Newcomers don't know which one is the real bitcoin. All in all, at that time, the bitcoin of China's time and space, in the eyes of outsiders, was like the Tang Dynasty in 849 AD. It was a bit of a taste of Xishan. In the autumn of that year, he supervised the imperial history of Xu Wei, boarded the Xianyang ancient building, and wrote the verse: Xi At the beginning of the cloud, the sun was falling, and the rain was coming from the wind.

At this time, a mysterious account on Weibo – sniper turned out, with a spicy language, plain words, in-depth explanation of Bitcoin's previous life, bitcoin technical principles and cryptography frontier, and radical expansion There are countless reincarnations in the war, and each time they are victorious and returning, with the power of one person, seeing the clouds and seeing the sun, clearing the turbidity and turning the war of public opinion. At present, the sniper is still active on Weibo. No one knows who he is. His recent Weibo has become more and more confused, but his amazing performance in the public opinion war is still vivid.

Let me talk about the mysterious person of the power war. After the drums sounded, it was the battle between iron and blood. The soldiers rushed forward without fear, and the short soldiers handed over. The tragic battle of bitcoin is in the battle of computing power. As we all know, the radical expansion of the natural has the advantage of computing power, such as the torrents can sweep, especially with the BCH price gradually rising, BTC network computing power is falling at an alarming rate, which is the choice of many miners. The robustness of the Bitcoin network relies on human selfishness, and everyone is selfish and wrestling, thus achieving the tension and stability of the network. The miners are selfish, and even the miners' friends don't know what morality is. They only know the interests, and the calculation power is like a tide. Where the high interest flows, it cannot be blamed. However, in this way, the bitcoin's power calculation mechanism, Bitcoin is particularly slow and slow, and it is quite difficult. The foreign community was particularly sad, even with the developer to do the B plan, but if it is implemented The consensus is seriously lost.

The sea is cross-flowing, and the hero is true. At this difficult time, suddenly a late night, a large number of calculations flocked to the bitcoin side, I don’t know where the calculations came from, and I don’t know who the mysterious person is behind, but at that moment, he It is the guardian of Bitcoin, the real night watchman, and the Great Wall of Bitcoin computing power. The iron shoulders bear the morality. This batch of calculations does not count losses, and sticks to the Bitcoin network, which restores the bitcoin and returns to normal operation. The domestic and foreign communities are full of tears and cheers. So far, no one knows, and the hero’s move has long been bleak.

Finally, the mysterious person in the chip battle. The chip battle is the most important war, the war that affects the whole situation. As we all know, at the time, the radical expansion of the chip has more advantages, and the power behind it is stronger. In particular, almost all exchanges are neutral, handed over to the community to determine the outcome, and then give the winner a name. The chip battle, officially started in August, bitcoin hardcores such as the beasts of the battle, immediately crashed into the battle, extremely quickly throw all the chips between 0.05-0.07, such as the powerful aircraft battle group, I can't wait to hurry up to zero, and win a quick win; I didn't expect the radical expansion party, quite strategy, to retreat, first retreat three thousand miles, let the hardcore party bombard the bombardment, but soon the ammunition is running out Exhausted, then shake the flag and shout, counterattack, with the public opinion "1:1" and "who is the real bitcoin", so that the trading onlookers dare not shot, the exchange is neutral. Counter-attack tanks, the gunpower is quite fierce, and soon the battlefield of 0.05-0.09 is fierce, and the charge is launched to the high ground. At this time, all the hard cores have no ammunition on their hands, and they can only step back and regain their power. Soon, the 0.1 fortress quickly fell, the 0.2 fortress fell, the 0.3 fortress fell, the 0.4 fortress fell… The reddit community was in a hurry! Bitcointalk is in a hurry! Bitcoin is about to fall!

When I was in the midst of a thousand miles, a mysterious man who was suddenly in New York launched a nuclear weapon in history, opened the switch of his wallet, and 500,000 BCH poured out. Like the ocean, the Pacific Ocean broke the bank, and instantly drowned the tank of the radical expansion. The infantry, artillery, and BCH from the 0.4 high ground, directly back to 0.05, in one fell swoop to reverse the situation. At the same time, it also accelerated the victory of the public opinion battle, and the tide-like calculation power also returned to Bitcoin, which calmed down the battle of computing power.

This war is related to each of us, and everyone plays a role in it. The three mysterious people only played an accidental historical role. After all, this is the war of the currency people, and the general trend is difficult to change.