Cai Liang, Zhejiang University: At present, China's blockchain technology development is concentrated in two areas.

According to the Legal Daily News, recently, Cai Liang, executive deputy director of the Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center, said in an interview that blockchain technology has been applied in many fields such as finance, government affairs, social governance, and industrial manufacturing. The industry's understanding of the value of blockchain and the applicability of the scene has been continuously improved. Many enterprises have gradually shifted from the original proof-of-concept application to practical application. At present, the development trend and research hotspots of China's blockchain technology are mainly concentrated in two areas. “The first is the research and industrial development of the alliance blockchain technology, including the core technology of the alliance blockchain, the research and development of the alliance blockchain platform, and how to serve the social economy, government, and social governance around the alliance blockchain. Secondly, the blockchain supervision technology is also a very important research direction. How to use and manage the blockchain technology is a key issue to ensure the sustainable development of the whole industry."