Beijing pushes 204 measures to optimize the business environment and explore the efficiency of blockchain technology

According to China News Network, on November 12th, Beijing issued the “Beijing New Round of Deepening the “Reconciliation Service” Reform and Optimization of the Business Environment Key Task”, which was called the Business Environment 3.0 reform. The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Development and Reform Commission pointed out that the 3.0 reform continued to simplify the examination and approval procedures, reduce the entry barriers for enterprises, continue to deepen reforms in key aspects such as start-up, change, and cancellation of enterprises, and introduce 11 reform measures to further stimulate the vitality of market players. . For example, in Haidian District, Haidian District actively pilots blockchain technology, realizes automatic verification of enterprise registration addresses, and further improves the efficiency of start-up; explores the use of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to handle real estate registration, and implements “smart second batch” pilots to completely change The phenomenon of people queuing at night, taking the number on the spot, and running many times.