Hangzhou Financial Office hosted the “blockchain capital market” training, and Mr. Ma Qianli, vice president of Babbitt, was invited to share the topic.

On November 12th, the “blockchain+capital market” of Hangzhou City, hosted by the Hangzhou Financial Office, was held in Hangzhou. Participants included the financial office of Hangzhou Municipal Government and the district, county (city) government and relevant management committee, the person in charge of the listed and proposed enterprises, and the 160 enterprises and individuals in charge of the Hangzhou Enterprise Listing and M&A Promotion Association. Participate in the meeting. Ma Qianli, the vice president of Babbitt, was invited to give a lecture on the blockchain. He introduced the basic situation of the blockchain from the perspectives of blockchain, application, industry, commercial application and overall situation. He said that the combination of blockchain and industry is a trend, and opportunities within the industry are spilling out. Blockchain has two types of applications, productivity and production relationships. The application of productivity lies in improving efficiency. This piece is currently in the stage of “holding the nails and finding nails”. The application of production relations has changed the relationship between people and people, and between people and organizations. This is a longer-term application. The relevant person in charge of the Hangzhou Financial Office said that the activity aims to promote the integration and development of the blockchain and capital market in Hangzhou, and promote the high-quality innovation and development of listed and listed companies with the theme of “digital economy” and new manufacturing in Hangzhou.