Shenzhen Advanced Institute made progress in the research of feature description and performance optimization of blockchain benchmarking procedures

Recently, the Heterogeneous Intelligent Computing Center of the Institute of Advanced Technology, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Science and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made progress in the feature mapping and performance optimization research of blockchain benchmarking procedures. The relevant results are BBS: Micro-architecture Benchmarking Blockchain Systems through Machine Learning and Fuzzy Set The subject is received by the IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA) 2020. The conference is dedicated to presenting and discussing new ideas and latest research in computer architecture. Zhu Liang, a master student of the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Intelligence Computing Center, is the first author of the paper. Chen Chao is the second author of the thesis, and researcher Yu Zhibin is the author of the communication.