Beware of "digital currency" has a scam, establish a correct monetary concept, and guard against the risk of virtual tokens

According to China Jiangxi News, the "People's Bank of China Law" stipulates that "the legal currency of the People's Republic of China is the renminbi." The Renminbi is uniformly printed and distributed by the People's Bank of China, mainly including banknotes and coins. The People's Bank of China has never issued a legal digital currency, nor has it authorized any institution or enterprise to issue legal digital currency, and there is no promotion team. At present, the so-called "digital currency" on the market illegally sets the digital currency. The Nanchang Central Branch of the People's Bank of China reminded us of the "blockchain technology" and other hot spots. Criminals often use hot-spot concepts such as “blockchain technology” to attract victims to invest. When propaganda, they advocate “getting rich overnight”. Therefore, for all kinds of virtual investment coins mixed with fish and dragons, we must be vigilant to prevent fraud, pyramid schemes, illegal fund-raising and other risks, and avoid economic losses.