Early warning: hackers use the EOS system account onerror feature to maliciously mine

This afternoon, PeckShield security shield wind control platform DAppShield monitored the hacker to launch a continuous attack on the system contract, hijacking the onerror action of the system contract when the delayed transaction execution failed, and maliciously mining EIDOS, the attack is still ongoing. PeckShield security personnel analysis found that when a hacker fails to execute a delayed transaction, the system contract eosio invokes the feature of the user contract's onerror interface to embed a malicious mining operation in the contract's onerror interface. Compared with the previous short-account auction feature mining system contract, the attack also uses the system account to have unlimited CPU resources, while the cost is lower. Therefore, the spread of this attack will further aggravate the congestion of the EOS network. PeckShield reminds that with the erratic exploitation of EIDOS malicious mining attacks, the majority of DApp developers and exchanges should always pay attention to the changes in their own account CPU, ensure that the necessary operations can be carried out, and if necessary, seek third-party security company assistance. Early detection of possible attacks and avoiding unnecessary losses.