How far are we from the real DAO?


What is DAO?

DAO is the abbreviation of Distributed Autonomous Organization, which is called "Decentralized Autonomous Organization". Sometimes it is also called DAC, which is "Decentralized Autonomous Corporation".

In the field of blockchain, DAO is mainly in the form of smart contracts and operates, open, transparent, avoiding human interference and management. It is a code-controlled organization that is not controlled by any institution or individual. , can automatically evolve and develop, in line with the "code is the law" blockchain ideal.

DAO brings people a good wish and its hard development

Since its birth, DAO has been a grand word with a strong desire for freedom and equality. It is similar to the communist society described by the Marxist theoretical system. "The land is flat, the houses are stunned, and there is a genus of good trees." The chickens and dogs are familiar with each other. Among them, the men and women are dressed, and they are like foreigners. The yellow hair is coveted and enjoyable.” Abandoning the evil of human nature, putting an end to the hegemonic forces, getting rewards according to the contribution value, everyone living and working in peace, Free and equal. When I first came into contact with DAO, the subconscious mind equated it as a paradise for the online world.

According to Luis Cuende, founder of the Aragon project, which is able to freely organize and collaborate without borders or intermediaries to create global, bureaucratic organizations, companies and communities,

"Trump's coming to power has made me see a certain trend that he represents, and the whole world is slowly decaying. Our country (United States) election finally votes for such a person, we can't really achieve democratization. At that time we watched When this problem is reached, if there is no way to organize people to make the right decisions, then this society will not work."

However, observing the development of the project with the DAO banner, it is mostly bumpy. In 2016, The DAO, based on the fund nature of the Ethereum network, was born. After harvesting the remarkable attention and funds, it was defeated by the hacker attack due to the vulnerability of the smart contract code, and it cast a shadow on DAO.

In July, China advocated the creation of a nebula chain with a self-evolving autonomous meta-network. It has been trying hard to explore, but it has caused serious disagreements on how to deal with 3,500 community-reserved NAS, leading to the core founding of the co-founder Wang Guan. The withdrawal of team members has made Feng Qingping, who has been tracking and tracking the development of the nebula chain.

In November, the HPB core chain public number and Twitter jointly issued a notice called "Community Governance Empowering HPB Core Chain". Its founder, Wang Xiaoming, also released "Some Instructions on the Core Chain Reform System", emphasizing that this is A move to DAO.

These projects provide a wealth of case studies for DAO's practice. Feng Qingping hopes that these projects have good breakthroughs and achievements. The common ground behind them is the difficulties faced in the process of promoting DAO organizations. This fully demonstrates the development of DAO. It is not flat and full of hardships. This forces us to work hard to think and explore, to establish the practical significance of DAO and the correct development path.

If we use a first-principle perspective, the Bitcoin network is a typical DAO. The Ethereum network is also a typical DAO. Although it has been invaded or dominated by absenteeism, code development teams, foundations, etc., it seems to be deviating. The original intention of the original risk is still a successful case.

Each typical public chain project or decentralized smart contract and DAPP should be in the form of DAO, or the embedded DAO gene embedded in the ecosystem, embedded in the organizational form of DAO, combined with the development process of DAO, It can judge the degree of evolution of the ecosystem. From this point of view, DAO practitioners are numerous and widely used, and the significance of researching and exploring DAO is extremely significant.

Technology picture 1

Objective conditions required for DAO growth

DAO's failure in real practice will provide some reflection and reference. It is a lively sample. From these falsing cases, we will find the root cause of the big defeat. On the contrary, we will think about Bitcoin for 11 years. Development track, maybe we can also get some cheats of success.

Failure is a short-board, and success requires conditions.

Bitcoin's network has been launched since 2019. Nakamoto has been dug up more than a year of bitcoin. After a long period of time, it only experimented in a small area in the geek circle. The technology is not mature and the network is not strong. In the early days, especially when BTC did not cause people to invest in value or speculation, it was always low-key. This provides a safe development window for the Bitcoin network, which is one of the conditions that are not available in many currencies later. Once the latecomers release the white paper, they have to face the challenges of risk and evil forces, including many leaders, trying to gain some in the network, and even use their immature code loopholes or mechanisms to bring serious obstacles to the development of the project. .

The same is true of the development of Ethereum.

According to the logic of Zhouyi, the early stage of development is like Qianlong. It needs to be used. It can only be launched after the internal conditions are mature. In the face of the test of the world, it is like seeing the dragon in the field and seeing the adults.

In this sense, there is no bitcoin after Bitcoin, and there is no Ethereum after Ethereum. All the latecomers are tribute to the former.

The value of BTC tokens is the backbone of the Bitcoin eco-network. The design of the Bitcoin network's CIS economy is quite a public spirit, and many latecomers will have future resources and potential as early as the project. Most of the time is divided, and where can we find long-term work to contribute to the network, and where there are enough resources to solve the continuous problems encountered in the development.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have a group of highly entrepreneurial characters at the beginning of the project. In the early stages of the development of the project, the project has been created and guided, and more is the call for idealistic color. Not the temptation of interest. On the other hand, the idealism is mostly a banner, and the bones are controlled by the pure business thinking mode of interest.

DAO does not need God, but in the early stages of development, it is necessary to have a strong Bismarck to advance. Feng Qingping believes that the existence and departure of Bismarck needs to be combined with the maturity of the network. Feng Qingping also never opposed Adam Smith's economic system and needed the role of Keynes. However, his primary and secondary needs to be distinct and firm. Adam Smith needed to play a leading role, and the third hand could not become the norm.

Bit stocks are also a typical DAO, but due to the lack of market makers and their liquidity, the BitShares Network has always lacked a capable power that should come from within. The development of MakerDAO is just the opposite. With the power of a strong foundation, the performance has always been very exciting.


“Nature is a process of constant spontaneous entropy. Basic humanity always tends to be lazy. Water always flows low. If you want to go to high places, you must always “do work”, give energy and effort. Entrepreneurship is Anti-humanity, like a perpetual motion machine, does not require motivation, and nature is always moving."

Therefore, Feng Qingping believes that, like the mysterious Nakamoto Satoshi, the departure day of Vitalic Butrin is the time when Ethereum is really strong, Yuyu clarifies, the dust settles, and I also believe that this young Genius has the ability to grasp this right time, waved and went, and is a passerby.

Some recent projects claim that the transformation of DAO is sudden, and it is very harmful to the community and the network. It is easy for us to confuse. In order to expand the collaborative network, accelerate the ecological growth, complete the evolution of the self-organized structure, or the funds are stretched. Disguised layoffs, elegant leave of excuses.

On the other hand, if the code is not robust enough, the node resources are not sufficiently distributed and inclusive, the developers are not rich enough and entrepreneurial spirit, the community members are not big enough, the participation is not active enough, and more importantly, the value symbol TOKEN in the network Too low and not motivate the network ecosystem. There is no doubt that the departure of the founder or core team members in this case is by no means a responsible act. It can even be said to be a frustrating and negative one. action.

Then, we can determine the physical conditions and abstract conditions that DAO needs to grow.

Physical conditions:

The code is powerful; the value of the token has the practical incentive meaning; the community members are abundant and active enough to support the practice of consensus; the developer has the active power of the source; the number of nodes is enough to preach the trust in the sense of centralization.

Abstract conditions:

A pass-through economic system that is scientifically objective and fair and has sustainable development capabilities;

An entrepreneurial leader and team push;

A proper time network does not leave the behavior.


DAO's broad social use and potential at the governance level

The first feeling that DAO gives people is anarchism. Feng Qingping thinks this is a misunderstanding. In Hayek’s words, “If a person does not need to obey anyone and only obey the law, then he is free. This is not excessive in any way. That is, the purpose of the law is not to abolish and restrict freedom, but Protect and expand freedom." DAO is a technical activity. It is essentially an organizational activity. It realizes the transformation of the organization without using technology. It brings about a major innovation in the governance model. The bottom line is to establish and abide by the rules, that is, the law. "Linux is the operating system of a computer, and DAO feels more like a human operating system."

From the perspective of commercial entities, it is a gradual replacement of the corporate system. From the perspective of the government, it is the improvement of centralized vertical control. From the perspective of society, it is the reorganization of the partial jurisdiction of the division.

The scope of application of DAO is omnipotent.

“Because DAO can be used for governance, whether it is governing a country, governing a community, governing a business entity, or governing an agreement, etc.”

Chen Guangsheng, deputy secretary-general of the Zhejiang Provincial Government, said at the Public Policy Salon of the Zhejiang Provincial Public Policy Research Institute "Application and Countermeasures of Blockchain in Social Governance",

"The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee will make a top-level design for advancing the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity, emphasizing the better transformation of China's institutional advantages into national governance effectiveness. The integration and application of blockchains will undoubtedly have a very positive significance for the modernization of government governance. Blockchain has the potential to create a government governance revolution."

Feng Qingping believes that this is a wonderful interpretation. From a village committee to the comprehensive management of the country, it is necessary to seriously study DAO as a subject. Reflecting from all aspects of information, the elements of DAO with blockchain technology as the entry point are already being integrated into the scope of governance.

A purely DAO, perhaps the Taiping Shengshi under the inaction of Zhuangzi, is like a saintly environment with both benevolence, righteousness, ethics and wisdom. It is rare and the difficulty of refining is also great. However, the understanding of DAO spirit and the unremitting pursuit can allow us to practice DAO's governance model in many fields, just like the efficacy of treatment, and exert a 10% effect, which will cause a change of 10%. Results. Different levels of applicability will result in different competencies. DAO is a great and beautiful wish. The only worry is that we are skeptical and fearful, and we are not walking on the road to DAO.

Like many current blockchain projects, public chains, decentralized exchanges, smart contract distributed storage, DEFI, stable coins across the border, and so on. Efforts are being made to create a DAO system. The difference is that, depending on the degree of openness, there are differences in the scope, strength, and progress of governance depending on individual differences in the project.

Even for the chain of questionable alliances, Feng Qingping believes that it is also carrying out an expanded open strategy, which is evolving in the evolution to DAO.

In summary, DAO brings us a new thinking concept, the first core keyword is open. The future world will be more open, blurring many marginal areas, pushing a lot of wall fences, and letting the world gradually converge. This is a wonderful evolution that will create a violent shock and change our lives in all directions. However, in this increasingly open world, we need to be a valuable person and a person who can contribute to DAO. This is the basis of our survival. Otherwise, the world will be beautiful and you will have no relationship with you. Second The core keyword is value.

Perhaps, in the near future, the paradise of Aragon is everywhere, but the question at the moment is, do you choose to be a Wuling prefect who is looking for a stranger, or do you want to be a happy and happy Nanyang Liu Zikai?