Nearly half of the top 50 Chinese Internet companies are “outsiders” in the blockchain?

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Blockchain outlets have come, but nearly half of China's top 50 Internet companies are still "outsiders."

Mutual chain pulse counts the top 50 Internet companies in China in 2019 (according to the "Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies in 2019" jointly issued by China Internet Society, Network Security Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), and combed their respective Blockchain layout.

Among the top 50 Internet companies in China in 2019, 26 companies have developed blockchain layouts, accounting for 52%, which means that 48% of companies have not yet set foot.

In the top 20, 15 companies are promoting the development and application of blockchain technology, accounting for 75%; among the top 10 Internet companies, only the US group and the byte are not pushing the blockchain. practice.

It can be seen that the more headed Internet companies are pushing the development of blockchain.

(tabulation: interchain pulse)

In turn, the inter-chain pulse further combed the relevant practices of 26 companies in the top 50 that have developed blockchain layout. And from the industry application layer; technology extension layer (BAAS, SaaS, etc.); infrastructure layer (basic protocol; hardware); ecological service layer (media, investment institutions, research, etc.) a total of four dimensions, divided and output For the following map:

(tabulation: interchain pulse)

Among them, there are 16 enterprises involved in industry application practice, 13 companies engaged in technology development, and only 6 companies engaged in infrastructure construction, and 6 enterprises in the field of ecological services and research.


Head enterprises deepen infrastructure 20 to promote technology expansion

If you look at the number of companies in the above four categories, you can see that the more the area under the blockchain, the fewer companies involved. According to the statistics of the inter-chain pulse, the enterprises currently laying out the infrastructure of the blockchain are only BATJ, Thunder and 360.

And these few companies in the field of blockchain infrastructure are mostly head-end Internet companies.

For this reason, the construction of blockchain infrastructure often requires the company to have strong technical strength and forward-looking technology development. The Internet companies in the head and the companies with strong technical strength such as Thunder and 36, can use their own advantages to better promote the construction of blockchain infrastructure.

(tabulation: interchain pulse)

The enterprises with layout in terms of technology expansion are based on the above six companies, and there are also 7 companies including NetEase, Suning, Wuba City, Ctrip, Cheetah Mobile, Inspur and Neusoft. The main development of the BaaS platform. .

From the ranking of Chinese Internet companies in 2019, these companies are mostly in the top 20, and they also have certain technical strength and are forward-looking for future industry development.

Blockchain applications for Internet companies: games, socializing, mining

From basic development to application, the number of layout companies is even more. In the field of industrial applications, the interlinkage pulse counts 16 Internet companies that apply blockchain technology to their own ecosystems.

From the perspective of the projects that their respective applications have come to the fore, the Internet companies blockchain applications are involved in a wide range of fields, including traceability, public welfare, and medical care. But the most laid out of them are games, mining and social projects.

(tabulation: interchain pulse)

According to the incomplete statistics of inter-chain pulse, 6 of the 16 Internet companies that develop blockchain applications have launched blockchain games. Far away, at the beginning of 2018, Netease, Baidu, Xiaomi, and Sanliu successively launched “encrypted animals” products such as Lucky Cat, Leitz Dog, Encrypted Rabbit, and Block Cat; Beijing Honeywood Network Technology Co., Ltd. (The main product is the live broadcast of the live broadcast) blockchain live answering software IQB, blockchain concept of Texas Hold'em and other games. Recently, in April of this year, Tencent launched the first blockchain to capture the demon game "to catch the demon together."

However, the company has launched the blockchain “mining” products, which are also Netease, Sanliu and other enterprises, and such projects are relatively piled up in 2018. At that time, NetEase launched Netease Planet and NetEase Circle in succession; Sanyix launched the Aide Diamond and the Unicorn Tribe; Sanqi Mutual Entertainment launched the Sanqi Gold Mine; the May 8th City launched the Magic Mine in 2018, and In April 2019, the magical ore was again launched.

In addition, there are two types of social blockchain applications that intersect with the above two types, including the social application oasis launched by Sina, which has digital assets “water droplets”; Guangzhou Huaduo Network Technology Co., Ltd. (main product is the gathering age YY) BCM, a blockchain-based instant messaging application launched in July 2018.

From this point of view, in the layout of blockchain games, mining, and social applications, it seems that there is no longer a division of Internet companies. The top 50 companies have carried out corresponding blockchain practices, whether they are in the head. .

In addition, the inter-chain pulse observation, traceability, public welfare and medical care are also the focus of the application of the blockchain application in the top 50, and many companies' projects involve these major scenes.

People's Network and UFIDA Network engage in blockchain ecological services

In fact, blockchain infrastructure, technology expansion and industry applications correspond to the process of blockchain technology moving from behind the scenes to the front. The blockchain ecological service enterprises belong to the enterprise that serves this process.

It includes companies that provide blockchain media information, and People's Network belongs to this category. In October 2018, People's Daily officially established a blockchain channel to provide professional blockchain information.

In addition, blockchain investment is also a service for the development of blockchain technology. Both UFIDA and Giant Networks have conducted blockchain investments and indicated that they will promote the development of blockchain technology.

In January 2017, UFIDA received a 5.2366% stake in Bochen Technology, and later increased its capital by RMB 10 million. A total of 21.0305% of Bochen Technology was acquired. Bochen Technology is an innovative company that focuses on the research and development of blockchain technology standards and solutions, and the deployment and operation of blockchain application systems.

In addition, UFIDA has also mentioned in the 2018 annual report and the 2019 semi-annual report that the company is based on the new generation of enterprise computing technologies such as blockchain to promote the progress and development of China's digital economy and smart society.

The blockchain layout of Giant Network also began in 2017. At that time, the virtual currency exchange OKEX announced that it had received tens of millions of dollars in investment, including the giant network.

Similarly, in the semi-annual report of 2019, Giant Network stated that it will conduct in-depth research on forward-looking technologies in the Internet field, explore blockchains and other fields, and explore the combination of new technologies and existing businesses and strategies for future development. Value, increase the ability to commercialize liquidity.

In addition to media and investment institutions, there is also a class of companies that are quietly deploying blockchains and conducting blockchain-related research.

In July 2017, Sohu's Fox Gold Service established a blockchain research center, which mainly explores blockchain technology, taps industry application scenarios, and serves the industry while serving various financial businesses of Fox Gold. And traditional financial institutions provide technical support.

In July 2018, the “Chain Enjoying +” team of Vipshop Incubation participated in the blockchain application contest. The positioning of the participating projects is to provide a cloud service platform for blockchain-passengage economic empowerment for production and marketing enterprises. The application scenarios include the field of commodity traceability.

In addition, the inter-chain pulse was inquired on Dahua Patent Network on November 12, and Wuhan Betta Network Technology Co., Ltd. has 19 blockchain invention patents, and is exploring the combination of blockchain and live broadcast applications.

24 blockchains "outside the door" or in the dark layout

According to the inter-chain pulse statistics, there are 26 enterprises that have developed blockchain layout, and 24 have not yet entered the blockchain. But in fact, these 24 blockchain "outsiders" also have more or less contact with the blockchain field.

At the beginning of November, Huayun Data Co., Ltd. announced that it is currently working with well-known blockchain manufacturers to build cloud chain services and build a localized open blockchain ecosystem.

In mid-October of this year, a photo of a traditional Internet amnesty and the founder of the Ethereum V God, including the founder of the US group Wang Xing, can not help but guess whether the US group has a corresponding blockchain plan. Prior to this, Wang Xing expressed his strong interest in blockchain technology and often expressed his personal views on the blockchain in the meal.

In May 2019, Oriental Ruitong had a blockchain training for Miwei Culture Technology Co., Ltd., and Miyi also wanted to try to develop the blockchain field.

In April this year, Shanghai Mango Mutual Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. (Mango Mutual Entertainment) and Chuangyi reached a cooperation on IP digitalization, and took the lead in the "Happy Camp". It is provided by the domestic professional digital asset registration service provider, providing IP digital registration and authorization management services for Happy Camp. It uses blockchain technology to solve IP piracy, infringement, and derivative sales cannot be traced from the source. The 20th strongest mango mutual entertainment and Internet company, Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary of Mango Super Media.

In January 2018, it was reported that according to the recruitment information of Beijing Auto Home Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Car Home) in, the Car Home Big Data Department is recruiting blockchain development experts. Engaged in the design and research and development of blockchain products, researching blockchain protocols, operating mechanisms and underlying implementations; designing blockchain solutions based on industry scenarios. This may mean that the car home is in the field of layout blockchain.

From the many links between these companies and the blockchain, more and more Internet companies are trying to get involved in the blockchain field. Blockchain seems to be becoming a must-have for Internet companies.