Xu Mingxing: The healthy development of the blockchain industry needs to be improved

In an exclusive interview, Xu Gang, founder of OK Group, said that the blockchain is a promising technology and industry, and it has matured in a small-scale experiment, but wants to expand the technology to a larger scale. The industry development environment also needs to be optimized and improved. To optimize the blockchain market environment, the first job is to improve the regulatory system. As long as the policy is clear, companies can adapt to market demand and adjust and develop.
For the recent CCP Central Committee to adjust the blockchain to an important breakthrough in core technology independent innovation, Xu Mingxing said that this will accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and promote blockchain technology in finance, credit reporting, etc. The application of the field; in addition, because blockchain technology is derived from cryptocurrency, and the world's largest blockchain system is the bitcoin system, it will also stimulate certain cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. effect. Xu Mingxing suggested that investors must clarify their risk tolerance and choose whether to participate. For example, the recent hot blockchain concept stocks are typical high-risk preference investments, and they should not blindly pursue the risks without considering risks. .