Today's 9,974 BTC huge transfers or involving well-known exchanges BTC-e

In the huge transfer of 9974 BTCs that occurred today, SXWK, a data analyst at Beijing Chain Security, said that the original transaction involved in the traceability of the BTC related traceability was not complicated and could be traced back to the BTC-related to the famous exchanges in 2013. A collection of BTCs in units of hundreds of BTCs. They gradually formed two UTMOs of 4800BTC and 4999BTC and were formed into a UTCO of nearly 10,000 BTCs in August 2018. Since then, they have experienced several large-scale overall transfers like today, and occasionally some BTCs are removed, but the amount Not big. As we all know, BTC-e was once one of the most well-known exchanges in the world. It was later accused of a series of illegal acts. It is not clear whether the relevant BTC's actual controllers have changed.