Chengdu Jiu Kuan Technology completed the investment of 10.5 million angels, and the BaaS platform has already landed.

Babbitt news, recently, blockchain company Chengdu Jiu Kuan Technology completed 10.5 million angel round investment, this round of financing was led by Xiamen Silicon Valley Torch. Jiu Kuan Technology's products mainly include ToC products pixel bee and ToB product 9BaaS. Pixel Bees combine blockchain technology to provide creators with a copyright deposit service. Up to now, the pixel bee has completed copyright registration for more than 2 million works, and only 50,000 professional photographers and designers have entered the platform. 9BaaS, the blockchain underlying technology provides blockchain services for different industry user scenarios through encapsulated API calls. 9BaaS was applied to the supply chain financial system of Pangang Group, a large central enterprise, in September 2019. It is expected to provide financial technology services to the Panzhihua supply chain financial system of 5-10 billion yuan per year.