Guizhou Industrial Development and Multi-integration of Blockchain

According to the Guizhou Daily, Guizhou's industrial development and blockchain are multi-integrated. In terms of poverty alleviation, the “Guizhou Poverty Reduction and Investment Fund Blockchain Management Platform” has played a huge role in the battlefield of poverty alleviation. In terms of copyright protection, Guiyang City has many excellent application results such as “IP copyright blockchain”, “painting version” and “CCDI copyright cloud internet registration platform”. In terms of finance, the blockchain was first applied to the financial sector, and with some relatively mature business scenarios, the “blockchain chain”, “Tokencan” and “Zhenuo supply chain financial platform” were launched in Guiyang. And "applications for settlement of bulk commodities" and other application results with a certain right to speak. In terms of traceability, the “medical blockchain trace sharing platform” developed by Guizhou Guangjitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. can realize the inability to tamper with various data in the pharmaceutical production and circulation process of the pharmaceutical industry, and give each drug a one-of-a-kind industry. Internet of Things drug identity security system.