Fujian Provincial Party Committee Secretary: Strive to build Fujian into a new highland for national digital economy development, and vigorously develop blockchain and other industries

According to the Fujian Daily, on November 11, Yu Weiguo, secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, stressed at the learning meeting of the Fujian Provincial Committee of Theoretical Learning Center that it should further promote the construction of information infrastructure and accelerate the construction of new high-speed, mobile, safe and ubiquitous A generation of infrastructure, vigorously develop big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain industries, and carefully cultivate a number of "single champion" and "specialized and special" enterprises in the digital economy. It is necessary to further promote the transformation of government governance, make full use of digital means, improve the convenience of areas such as the protection of people's livelihood, strengthen the governance of the Internet platform, and vigorously implement "Internet + education", "Internet + medical care" and so on.