OKEx contract big data: BTC contract elite short accounts than 54% elite account short-selling short-term dominant

As of 10:30 on November 13, according to the OKEx contract big data, the current BTC contract long and short positions ratio is 1.69, the quarter contract basis is 95.57 US dollars, the perpetual contract basis is 2.88 US dollars; the BTC contract positions total 6,055,407. 24h trading volume was 17,369,115; active buying volume was 166,654, and active selling volume was 136,357; elite account was 45% more than long account, long position was 20.85%, short account was 54%, and short position was 19.67%. According to analysts, the ratio of long-term positions in BTC contracts is 1.69. The number of retail investors is relatively high. The total number of positions has decreased. The quarterly contract basis is less than 100 US dollars. The active trading volume has been reduced. Some of the positions are temporarily closed. In the case of the BTC contract elite position, the long-term account is more than the short-selling account, and the elite short-selling position is biased toward equilibrium, and the elite short-sellers have a short-term advantage.