Are you a rising star in music? You can now use MoA to free your money for your potential

Do you want to be the next idol musician? Do you want to give real encouragement to fans who have been loyal to you since you were anonymous? Use MoA to tokenize your potential! When you become famous, it will be of great value! Your hardcore fans will thank you for this invaluable treasure. In addition, your token history remains the same on the blockchain and is easy to verify!
Use MoA to tag your potential for free and send and receive different digital assets between MoA users.
With MoA, you can tag your assets in two steps:
1. Fill in a simple form.
2. Press Create.
You're done! Want to try it? This is a link to MoA. MoA has been integrated with Dorothy. If you have a Dorothy account, please log in to MoA with the same ID/PW.
Come and tokenize your outstanding skills and see how much you can.
MoA: https://MoA.Network
Dorothy: https://Dorothy.Network