The concept of blockchain and equity transfer continues to be hot, and related listed companies are favored by the market.

According to the weekly report of the securities market, in the first half of the week, the hot topics of the two cities were sluggish, and blockchain, equity transfer, and shell resources were the only remaining highlights. On the news front, on November 8, the “Regulations on the Administration of Securities Issuance of Listed Companies” and the “Interim Measures for the Administration of Securities Issuance of GEM Listed Companies” were issued, and the concept of equity transfer was concerned. The blockchain has been since the end of October. The concept of continued popularity. There are only two concepts in the listed company, such as Hengjiu Technology (11.600, -0.19, -1.61%) (002808). Recently, the acquisition of information security companies has been officially involved in the chain and has been tapped by the market; Jiuding New Materials ( 23.720, 0.71, 3.09%) (002201) once again dominated the concept of equity transfer.