Analysis: The futures market has a long-term spillover of 8.27%, and the oscillator has sold out

According to BFX.NU data, the long-term spillover of the futures market today was about 8.27%. Compared with the previous two days, there was no significant change. Due to the impact of the BTC shock last night, the positions in the futures market showed a large-scale rotation. Both long and short positions were frequently carried out. Closing operations, and from the BTC daily momentum 10 and MACD oscillators, BTC is likely to fall. Mainstream currency futures sector, ONT, ELF, ATOM, IOST and other 14 contracts are short-term Masukura, while NEO, ADA, TRX, BTM and other 9 contracts are showing lightening trend; platform currency futures sector, HT, OKB contract short-term Both have a large-scale Masukura, and the overall short position is the main position of the position.