Well-known American investors: If the US bans bitcoin, it may weaken the growth of the ecosystem

According to AMBCrypto, US investor Wall Street legend Jim O'Shaughnessy recently shared his bitcoin tour on the What Bitcoin Do podcast show, and also revealed some trigger points that will help global adoption of Bitcoin. O'Shaughnessy emphasizes the history of the United States, which is to adopt a more "tolerant attitude" to everything, including culture and technology. Personally, he said, "I am fascinated by things like Bitcoin. I have seen many challenges. There is a precedent in history that the United States will make gold illegal. If people find you carrying gold, you will I will go to jail. So, I extend this idea to Bitcoin.” He emphasized the status of the US government as the world’s largest economy. He speculated that if the government decides to make Bitcoin illegal, it may weaken the overall ecosystem. increase. On the other hand, there are encryption supporters who believe that in this case, the growth of Bitcoin will not be affected, but will only be transferred overseas.