People's Daily Online: Behind the strategic positioning of the blockchain country, Chinese companies are racing against future card positions

Source: People's Network

With the support of the policy, blockchain technology has entered the fast lane of development, but only the blockchain enterprises that help the high-quality development of the economy to integrate their own mission can go further.

New national strategy creates new opportunities

In 2008, Bitcoin, with its blockchain as its underlying core technology, was born. With the hot speculation of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has gradually entered the public's field of vision, and has gradually developed into the focus of national science and technology strategy. Especially after Facebook released the "Libra White Paper on Cryptographic Currency", the trend of countries to upgrade the blockchain to a strategic level has obviously accelerated.

From a foreign perspective, such as the United States is constantly improving public policies related to blockchain technology; the EU strives to make Europe a leading region for global development and investment blockchain technology, and accelerate the study of international-level "blockchain standards."

From the domestic point of view, the State Council issued the "13th Five-Year National Informationization Plan" in 2016, and listed blockchain technology as a strategic frontier technology. In June 2018, the "Industrial Internet Development Action Plan (2018-2020)" was released to encourage the application and exploration of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain in the Industrial Internet. This year, the blockchain officially rose to a national strategy.

Obviously, the blockchain is becoming the main driving force for a new round of technology and industrial revolution, which will have a major and far-reaching impact on international competition and economic development.

On the one hand, blockchain will become a new focus of international technology competition. The current world situation is changing, and the international competition around the commanding heights of technological innovation is becoming more and more complicated and heated. As a new generation of Internet technology, blockchain can only maintain its superiority in international competition only if it captures the commanding heights in terms of theory, methods, tools and systems.

On the other hand, the blockchain will become a new kinetic energy for domestic economic development. At present, China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. The most urgent task is to cultivate new economic growth points. As the core driving force of the new round of industrial transformation, the blockchain will reconstruct economic links such as production, exchange and consumption, and promote new technologies, new products and new industries, and inject new kinetic energy into China's economic development.

Facing the new situation in the world, the strategic judgment of high housing construction has opened a new chapter in the development of blockchain, laying a solid foundation for building the competitive advantage of China's blockchain development and driving the country's overall competitiveness.

Technology and scenes become two big hands

The blockchain is a brand new track and the entire industry continues to grow. According to the consultancy report, the global blockchain technology market is expected to reach more than $57 billion by 2025, and the demand for this technology is growing in the areas of financial services, media telecommunications, healthcare and transportation.

From a global perspective, under the dual drive of policy and market, a group of enterprises in China keep up with the trend and shoulder the mission, and integrate the national strategy that occupies the commanding heights of the blockchain into their own development, and gather the two techniques of technology and scene. , achieved remarkable results.

Technology is at the heart of the blockchain's commanding heights. Blockchain is a distributed database that combines many existing technologies such as cryptography, consensus mechanisms, and peer-to-peer transmission. As blockchain technology is still in its infancy, further improvements are needed in terms of performance, cost, privacy protection, and cross-chain technology.

At present, the technological innovation of domestic blockchain enterprises is showing an accelerating trend. It is understood that the proportion of domestic blockchain patents to global new patents has increased year by year, from 33.33% in 2014 to 82.1% in 2018. According to the global ranking of blockchain enterprise invention patents in the first half of 2019, Alibaba ranked first with 322, while Ping An ranked second with 274 patents, ranking first in the global financial field, and pushing China's science and technology financial strength into the forefront of the world. .

The scene is the key to occupying the commanding height of the blockchain. Diversified application scenarios are the biggest driving force for the rapid development of blockchain technology. Looking back at history, every major advancement in underlying technology will lead to a major outbreak of applications. Based on the characteristics of decentralization, traceability, and non-tamperability, blockchain applications have quietly extended from the financial field to the real economy, the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, product traceability, supply chain management and many other fields.

At present, large domestic enterprises have accelerated the application of blockchain application scenarios. For example, Alibaba is in the field of product traceability and cross-border settlement; Tencent focuses on the application of financial invoices and other financial fields; Jingdong focuses on transparent supply chain systems to combat counterfeit and shoddy products.

Among the many blockchain enterprises, one company with financial technology genes and rich scenes is particularly prominent. This is China Ping An. So far, Ping An has deployed more than 40,000 blockchain nodes in the five ecosystems of finance, medical, automotive, real estate and smart cities, achieving 14 business application scenarios, spanning from finance to the real economy. People's livelihood and other fields are the first demonstration enterprises for the development of blockchain integration industry.

Standing at a new starting point in history, the blockchain is considered to be the next “super wind” for technological innovation, and countries around the world are paying more and more attention. Under the market competition mechanism, the national strategy will bring more policies and innovative dividends to Chinese enterprises, helping Chinese enterprises to stand at a higher starting point and win better development. Chinese enterprises should continue to assume historical missions, seize the opportunities of the times, give play to the advantages of technology and scenes, and effectively promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry, in order to help improve China's comprehensive competitiveness in the new round of global science and technology competition.