Lively broadcasting Babbitt editor Tang Xiuling tonight as guest of "Wu Xiaobo Channel", for you to interpret 5 opportunities in the blockchain

Babbitt News, Wu Xiaobo Channel announced today that it has cooperated with a number of institutions such as Babbitt and Yiou Think Tank. In the annual column "52 Intensive Reading Report", the "China Hardcore Industry" column was added. The column will be from the industry trend to the investment hurdles, from the unicorn enterprise to the talent demand, through the "4 reports +1 live broadcast" for you to interpret the five hardcore technology industries.
At 8 o'clock on the evening of November 13, Babbitt editor and Lingxia blockchain promoter Tang Xialing was invited to be a guest online Wu Xiaobo channel to broadcast live online, to explain the five opportunities for the blockchain. Live watching:
1. What is the blockchain? What applications?
2. What does the state mean for issuing digital currency?
3. What are the similarities and differences between blockchain thinking and Internet thinking?
4. How do ordinary people participate in the blockchain?
Live link: