Huang Qifan: Blockchain technology mainly has eight application scenarios and faces three major problems at the same time.

China Economic Weekly issued a document today, "Listen to Huang Qifan to talk about "blockchain"". In the article, Huang Qifan, vice chairman of China International Economic Exchange Center, said that blockchain technology belongs to information technology and accounting technology. From the application perspective, blockchain can solve information asymmetry and realize collaboration among multiple entities. Trust and concerted action, whether it is a public chain, a private chain, or a coalition chain, its primary goal is to ensure that information data is safe, effective, and impossible to tamper with. At present, there are great advances in applications in many fields, such as finance, supply chain and logistics, public services, certification and notarization, public interest and charity, digital copyright development, insurance, information and data sharing. In general, the blockchain creates value by creating trust, enabling multi-party entities with high degree of dispersion, long management chain, and many links to effectively cooperate, thereby improving synergy efficiency and reducing communication costs. At the same time, Huang Qifan said that at least three problems in blockchain technology in theory and practice cannot be avoided: First, the relative scarcity of storage space. The second is the decentralization of relativity. The third is the relative effectiveness of security.