Xiao Lei: Dislocated Hong Kong, a comprehensive starter, a blockchain that travels through time and space

Since the Politburo collectively learned the blockchain last month and put forward a high expectation vision for China's blockchain technology industry, ministries and local governments have acted quickly and made relevant statements and arrangements, but Xiong'an New District is the future. The bridgehead of China's innovative development has remained silent until the last two days.

Xiong'an's various plans are still top secrets, and participants have signed high-level confidentiality agreements, so we have no way of knowing the detailed planning of Xiong'an's future. But another thing has been linked to the development of Xiong'an. Recently, Hong Kong has been ravaged by the abolitionists, which has stimulated the mainland's determination to reform and open up and develop free trade and financial ports. In the past two days, Xiong’an New District has continuously released important information.

On November 11th, Xiong'an New District publicly sold the land for the first time. Xiong'an Group won 3 billion yuan to win the future Xiong'an Business Center site, which indicates that Xiong'an's development will enter the commercial stage; on November 13, China ( Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone held a promotion event in Shanghai, revealing for the first time that it will build a 2.5 square kilometer " financial island " in the district Xiong'an area to explore the " sandbox mechanism " for financial supervision (the UK established the world's first in 2016) Financial supervision sandbox).

On the same day, according to the official news of Xiong'an, the Standing Committee of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee, the secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiong'an New District, and the director of the Management Committee Chen Gang said at the Xiong'an New District Blockchain Innovation and Development Seminar that the blockchain is the city of Xiong'an New District. The new soil that grows makes the “blockchain thinking” into the city's genes ; comprehensively strengthens the blockchain development governance thinking, not only to maintain the safety bottom line of technological innovation and application, but also to allow exploration, allow trial and error , and create new things. Good condition.

Throughout the world's financial centers, all rely on a strong economy and economic and trade needs. The rise of Hong Kong is essentially the result of the economic and trade demand of big countries. If you don't recognize this, some people cannot treat it correctly. Hong Kong.

At the time of the Opium War, the United Kingdom needed a port for opium trade with Daqing (the British wanted to build a port); in 1949, many capitalists needed a wait-and-see point for Taiwan and the mainland (a large capital and talents ran to Hong Kong); In the Korean War of the 1950s and the Vietnam War of the 1960s, the United States needed a free port of finance and various services to support war. From the 1970s to the beginning of this century, China needed an external window. This is the fundamental reason why Hong Kong has absorbed resources once and for all, and these factors will not continue to emerge in the future.

Hong Kong has many advantages, such as a common law system that is more suitable for finance and international trade, and a better overall trade, financial and external service infrastructure, but these are not decisive factors for Hong Kong's future development. I have already said that the status of Hong Kong depends on the extent to which the world's great powers need it.

In today's world, there are some things that are difficult to reverse. For example, China's financial and trade exchanges with the world, assuming that China has to gradually transfer many financial and trade service needs to other places, the world will be because of Hong Kong's advantages. And give up doing business with China? Many people say that most of the foreign capital attracted by China is through Hong Kong. In fact, you can ask the other way. If you do not pass through Hong Kong, will these funds not come to China for investment? Tesla built a factory in Shanghai because China has Hong Kong? On the contrary, such as the import of gold, China did not open the ports such as Beijing until a few years ago. It has always opened a mouth in Hong Kong. This is the result of the policy.

What do Western capital care most about? The West has always been unconditionally supported by the various despicable acts of Hong Kong in this era, but until recently, Hong Kong Starbucks and other stores were beaten, and the West immediately became nervous. The reason is very simple, which affects their own interests, but the West has chosen to remain silent for a long time before many mainland enterprises, including Chinese bank outlets being burned and mainlanders being beaten.

If it’s not for the Western companies such as Starbucks, it’s afraid that everyone will not see the video of the singer’s voice in the interview with the German Voice reporter recently, because the reporter and the Voice of Germany are not because of the fight砸 怼 怼 , , 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 那个 This is something that the West absolutely does not want to see, so it began to intentionally point out the mistakes of the abolition, and in the disguise of "guiding" the waste green to pay attention to the direction of the attack. In fact, this reporter is even more insidious.

I will tell you again that in the past year, the United States has spared no effort to ignite everywhere, asking many allies to be wary of China, not to deal with some Chinese companies, etc. These countries are coping with it, but when it comes to doing business, one is better than one. Positive, this also includes the United States itself. The result of the Shanghai Import Expo was that the United States had the largest number of exhibitors and the largest exhibiting area. Exhibitors such as Pfizer directly placed the most important markets in the future in China.

Hong Kong is not so important to the West. The reason why the West is closely watching Hong Kong is that the real purpose is to "pay attention to the mainland". Any Western politician can get more attention if he mentions Hong Kong. The reason is very simple. Because paying attention to Hong Kong is about China, and the trade between the West and China is bigger and closer. This is far more important than paying attention to how many civilians have died in Syria.

But no matter how trouble Hong Kong is going, it will only hurt the enemies of the relatives, but it will not affect China's interaction with the world. In the future, China will put the main political and economic resources where it is. The place where the West is most closely related to China’s capital trade. Looking at the Hong Kong issue, we must look at the dimensions of more than 30 years. Do not look at the analysis of legal finance. Take it for granted.

In this world, more than 99% of the countries' economies are following political resources, but in different forms. You go to the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, South Korea, Qatar and other countries. The capital is the largest city in the country, and it is also the domestic economic and financial center. It is not difficult for a country like China, where political resources are more concentrated, to concentrate on building certain cities.

Shanghai is now China's financial center, but everyone should know that China has put a lot of financial policies in Shanghai. Beijing has never planned to become an economic and financial center. The target planning has always been a political and cultural center, but it is In this case, as well as geographical conditions and so on, Beijing's financial and technology industries can still compete with Shanghai.

In many parts of China, many of the new districts we have seen have not developed. The more reason is that the government has a high-profile publicity, but it is still very restrained from the actual intervention level. Because there are too many things to do, there is no hesitation in this regard. The cost and concentration of power still follow a certain market leading, which is why this time there is no large-scale intervention in pork prices.

But the problem is that there are still some cities and industries that are not simply government high-profile propaganda, and then let the market dominate, we must concentrate on doing it, because the positioning of these cities may have great specialities. At present, Xiong'an is one of them.

Many people will ask, can Xiong'an succeed? My answer is that this is like asking in the 1950s, can China produce an atomic bomb? The Soviets and Americans certainly do not believe that China can do it.

In fact, it is very simple. Don’t say that some new international trade financial resources will be introduced into Xiong’an in the future. Even if China’s economy is saturated and not developed, the existing one-tenth Beijing technology industry and one-tenth Shanghai financial industry will be Resolving to Xiong'an is already a $100 billion GDP city, equivalent to the level of Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province.

Don't forget, the central government has relocated the Beijing Municipal Government (four teams) to Tongzhou, and more than 400,000 work affiliates will be moved to Tongzhou. Everyone can think about it, and the Beijing Municipal Government can give you a move, not to mention other industries.

So what is the relationship between Xiong'an's development plan and Hong Kong?

From the recent acceleration of the development of Xiong'an and the clear communication of financial positioning, we can look at some clues. If the development of Shenzhen and Shanghai is a diversion of resources such as Hong Kong's finance, then Xiong'an's development in areas such as finance and trade may have to show another dimension.

This is like, when you are fighting for horse-raising technology, I am studying how to build a car. This is why I mentioned the news about the blockchain of Xiong'an organization in the opening chapter. Chen Gang, secretary of the Party Committee of Xiong'an, said directly that the blockchain is a new soil for the growth and development of the city of Xiong'an New District; Chain thinking is integrated into the city's genes.

I am not here to tout the blockchain, but to force Hong Kong, Xiong'an and blockchain together, but from all the information and development logic that is happening, many problems are in line with my predictions.

In the future, we can solve various growth and contradictions. We must find breakthroughs from the ideological and technical aspects, rather than the simple political level, because in many cases, the political level is unsolvable. Every thought and technological revolution will bring about a political and cognitive reorganization of the social level, and re-converge the different subjects of society.

Many possible ideas and technological changes that can transcend the existing contradictions between Hong Kong and the Mainland may become a tool for integrating different cognitive contradictions in the future. The blockchain is undoubtedly a future thought and technology worth trying.

So what is the potential power of the blockchain to achieve economic and financial, and even political integration and integration?

In real life, no matter which society, it needs to deal with three relationships, namely: the relationship between people, the relationship between man and nature, and the relationship between man and oneself.

The relationship between people is actually the organizational form of the whole society. For this reason, human beings have experienced many evolutionary forms, including feudalism, empire, capitalism, socialism, etc.; the evolution of the relationship between man and nature, in most cases It is the evolution of natural science, embodied in the development of physics, mathematics, industrial revolution, etc.; the relationship between man and his own heart, including the development of ethics, philosophy, religion, etc.

These three relationships will interact in the long run and continue to evolve, but at a certain stage, some regions pay more attention to the relationship between people, while in another region, they pay more attention to the relationship between man and nature, and even Some areas focus on the relationship between people and their own hearts.

This is like the world today, the United States and other Western worlds (including Hong Kong), very concerned about social institutions and ideology, which emphasizes the relationship between people; and China and other countries that need to develop the economy, more emphasis on the relationship between man and nature, All goals are for the development of the economy; but there are still places, such as most of the Middle East, that are bound and dominated by religion, which is typically more dependent on one's own relationship with the heart.

From a longer-term perspective, human beings must move toward greater consistency. This consistency does not mean the integration, conquest or unity of social institutions, ideologies, religious beliefs, but needs some beyond them. Human consensus to promote the integration of the world. For example, the existing corporate system, financial trade rules, etc., have surpassed many traditional restrictions and become a global interaction model that transcends politics, beliefs, etc., but this is not enough.

Blockchain technology has two expected potentials. The first is that it can establish a more universal and efficient business operation system than the "company". It is a technical and mathematical consensus. If you want to make a metaphor. Human business activities will enter the era of Copernicus (blockchain consensus) from the era of the existing church (corporate system) (the Roman Catholic Church considers Copernicus's heliocentric violation of the Bible) (Copernicus proposed the heliocentric theory) Denying the authority of the church and changing the way humans think about nature. The blockchain will subvert the existing ones, including the “corporate” system, which is already a very universal and efficient single “central” organization. Going beyond the trust guarantees of existing legal contracts, the era of multi-centeredness.

The second is that the blockchain enables people who believe in different forces to find a market model that they can play and worth following, thus eliminating more barriers and helping the world to integrate.

Because many of the problems in this area are more abstract, I will explain them slowly.

The international nature of the blockchain is based on its global participation, self-operation, and Internet and procedural languages. Previously, many organizations or asset models only had one or two points above, and at most three characteristics, but the blockchain has the above four points and even more features. Therefore, its international nature is far more than an international company or organization.

Take the first application of bitcoin in the blockchain. Anyone in the world can participate in the development and governance of any place. All market traders can freely buy and sell open source, transparent, standardized, super-stakeholders. No need to worry about authentic bitcoin.

Although many countries have made many regulatory restrictions on such transactions, compared with stocks, futures, bonds, foreign exchange, etc., Bitcoin is completely a global free trade, while stocks, bonds, futures, foreign exchange and other transactions, not only Need to specify the currency, also need to specify the account, as well as a fixed location, otherwise it will not be able to trade. Before the blockchain appeared, many transactions were restricted to countries, enterprises, contracts, religious beliefs, etc., and the promotion of world progress will be lower trust costs and more efficient transactions.

Recently, the world's most profitable company, Saudi Aramco, is preparing to go public. The valuation is close to 2 trillion US dollars. Once listed, it will be the world's largest listed company. However, only the listing of this place has a big controversy and game. On the one hand, as a company whose business is mainly in the global market, whether the current pricing is reasonable, whether it fully gives feedback to global investors, etc., no one knows, because the number of people involved in transaction pricing is very limited. Assume that Saudi Aramco adopts a blockchain approach and issues a token-type equity certificate in the form of traditional securitization. Its pricing will be global, and prices will more objectively reflect market supply and demand.

Many people may say that this is not to change the stock into a currency? What I want to say is that it is also a war. If you change the knife in the soldier's hand into a gun, the result will be very different.

In addition, the value of the tools depends on who is using the tool. There are already thousands of blockchain assets that can be traded on the market, but most of them are not known to the public except Bitcoin, but Facebook Libra hasn't sent it yet, and it has already stirred up the financial world to sleep.

Therefore, the "coin" I am talking about here is not to find three or two engineers, copy the code, and then a group of people can participate in the blockchain mode, but the future blockchain itself surpasses many realistic thinking. The technology will be used by more cosmopolitan companies or organizations with great influence.

Facebook can use the blockchain technology to issue world currencies. Can future super-large companies not use blockchain technology to issue equity certificates? We must know that China is already using blockchain technology to prepare and issue trillions of official digital currency. This shows that the carrying capacity of the blockchain will be vast, and it is not too big to issue stocks, but too small. It is.

In addition to the blockchain's reconstruction of the underlying organizational form of world commerce, the blockchain can also change the operational ecology of the entire business from within, thus truly achieving greater social integration and efficiency leap.

So how does the blockchain practice the human mind perfectly and promote the distribution of ingredients and resources more efficiently?

We can think of blockchain as an abstract social organization and contract system, or as a low-cost, high-yield practice for various ideas. For example, when you believe in Confucianism, Taoism, Legalism, etc., how do you use these ideas to create a real-life entity for management, production, and evolution? The blockchain world will provide more specific and cost-effective than the original world. Low test site. I will only give you three examples here.

In the blockchain world, the first consensus system that was born, called the proof of work (POW), we can also understand it as a credible system that endorses energy consumption, which is like more work. How much energy you will consume, and how much incentive you will get. At the same time, you can think of this credible system as an energy endorsement, such as bitcoin. If you want to get more bitcoin, you need to consume more power. This is similar to the gold standard era. If you want to issue more banknotes, you have to have more gold.

In the real world, the workload proves that the incentive mechanism has the logic that the greater the conquering power behind the people, the more rights they gain, and the stronger their dominance, similar to the Age of Empires.

The second thing I want to say is that another consensus system in the blockchain world is called Proof of Rights (POS). This consensus is similar to capitalism. If you want to get more benefits, you need to have more. Capital, just like you put money in the bank, you want more interest, the only way is to increase the capital investment.

Today, this consensus system remains the fundamental consensus of global commerce and the core of capitalism. In the digital currency, Ethereum, which currently ranks second in market capitalization, will mainly adopt POS consensus in the future.

The third blockchain consensus I want to talk about is called the Proof of Entitlement (DPOS), which is also very common in the real world. It is similar to the form of “opinion leader” and can also be understood as a representative of Congress, a representative of the National People’s Congress, and a shareholder. Representatives, etc., the entire consensus system consists of a number of opinion leaders, giving organizations or individuals with strong appeals a huge stage, and your rights are equivalent to entrusting them to these opinion leaders. Facebook, which we are familiar with, uses this form to distribute Libra.

Through the consensus system being adopted by the above three blockchains, it is not difficult to see that in this world, people who advocate various forms of consensus, no matter what they believe, will find a satisfactory business or management organization system.

If you believe that power is truth, then you can create or join the pow consensus system; if you believe that capital is great and capital is the core of the world, then you can join or create a pos consensus system; if you believe in the greatness of the hero, deep Knowing that human history is led by a speaker who is full of ideals, determined and willing to take responsibility, then you can join or create a DPOS consensus system.

By quickly organizing people with the same social identity and business consensus, the efficiency of the entire world will be greatly enhanced. More importantly, the level of attention to the country and ideology will be Drastically reduced, because in another business world that is relevant to your interests, you have already met your realistic requirements for various forms of organization.

And I just cite three consensus systems in the blockchain field, and there are many consensus systems that are constantly being born. As long as you have enough wisdom, the blockchain world can give you opportunities to display. Moreover, the development of the blockchain has been the only new organization and trust system that can integrate ideas, commerce, physical industries, social ideals, etc., which has never been seen since the birth of mankind.

This is like when Buddhism, when Marxism-Leninism, banking, shareholding system, private property rights protection, the Internet, etc. came to China, no matter what their purpose and controversy existed, they all exerted tremendous power for integrating and developing Chinese society. The influence of the political field is far more profound.

The blockchain belongs to the world, but today China needs it more than any other country in the world.

Text / Xiao Lei