Assistant Dean of Suning Financial Research Institute: The potential impact of blockchain future is much larger than mobile payment

Xue Hongyan, assistant to the dean of the Financial Research Institute of Suning, said that the blockchain is a technical term that is limited to the professional field. In essence, the user cares about the service and product experience. The blockchain is only a tool to achieve this goal. At present, the degree of application of blockchain in different industries varies greatly. Overall, the application of blockchain in the financial industry has been very effective, with different breakthroughs in data sharing, supply chain finance, ABS, payment, digital currency, etc. Individual blockchains may even replace the original The mode process becomes the dominant mode. Take mobile payment, which is currently very popular, as an example. It is the infrastructure at the business scene level, which activates the vitality of many scenes. The blockchain is the infrastructure of the technology model level, which is more low-level and can fundamentally change a lot. The business logic of business ecology has a much greater potential impact in the future than mobile payments.