Special Researcher at Suning Financial Research Institute: The core value of blockchain technology lies in the letter of credit

Jiang Yan, a special researcher at Suning Financial Research Institute, said that the A-share layout blockchain depends on which companies are eager to study business and which are dedicated to the heat. Research technology companies are desirable. The advantages of blockchain technology are already clear, and its core value lies in the increase of trust. The core value of the blockchain is that it can turn our Internet environment, which is now full of white noise, into a truly credible market through a 'consensus mechanism'. As long as there is a blockchain, it can form true mutual trust. The emergence of a trusted Internet will likely revolutionize our current Internet landscape. In Jiang Yan's view, with the help of the blockchain “not tamperable”, as long as the information on the chain can be confirmed to be true and reliable, then the blockchain can solve the problem of depositing, whether it is justice, finance, information, medical Copyright can be achieved through blockchain, and a new scene will emerge.