Yan Huaizhi, Beijing Institute of Technology: The widespread application of the blockchain will definitely have an adverse impact on the areas that need to be centrally regulated.

Yan Huaizhi, director of the Institute of Computer Network Security Countermeasure Technology at Beijing Institute of Technology, said that an important feature of the blockchain is decentralization, and its widespread application will definitely adversely affect areas that require centralized supervision. The anonymity feature of blockchain technology is also a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can effectively protect privacy. On the other hand, it provides masks and umbrellas for malicious acts of cyberspace and even cybercrime. For example, many black markets wash money through blockchain technology. Escape the blow. Furthermore, the blockchain technology itself requires that each node share block information. Although this method enhances the inextricable modification of information, the transaction information in the block is easily known by all parties. In addition, many publics and even technical experts are too superstitious about blockchain technology, and believe that it can cover the world of network security. This misunderstanding may indirectly lead to the improper construction of the overall security system of the information system and introduce new risks. The security of the blockchain is highly dependent on the consensus mechanism, but the consensus mechanisms of the current mainstream public-chain platforms (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) are mostly based on computing power. The security risks of blockchain user accounts mainly come from the drawbacks brought by the decentralization mechanism.