Xu Zhengzhong, the Central Party School: blockchain and so on will subvert the subversive and unrecognizable world

At the 21st China International Hi-Tech Fair, jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce of China, Xu Zhengzhong, vice president of the International Strategy Institute of the Central Party School (National School of Administration), said several statements before today. Most of the people are concentrated in information technology. Information technology appears in cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence. It has subverted the traditional social and traditional industries. Now the blockchain and the number of networks are booming. It is necessary to subvert the subversive and unrecognizable world. Iterative superposition and accelerated development may become the most certain uncertain factors in the future of the whole world. It can also be said that from now on, the most important features of the whole world or the biggest ones. Change is the change itself, and the biggest tradition is innovation.