Yao Qian: The digital currency test of central banks is a relatively secret Manhattan project may not meet the needs of the open source community.

Yao, the general manager of China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. and former director of the Digital Currency Institute of the Central Bank, recently compared Libra with the central banks' digital currencies in an interview. He said that although both adopt cryptocurrency technology, the technical route There are similarities. However, there are differences in issues such as issuer, technology platform, traceability, anonymity, degree of coupling with bank accounts, and support for asset issuance. From the monetary level, the central bank's currency is M0 level, traditional credit currencies such as bank deposits are at the M1 and M2 levels, and Libra is at a higher monetary level. The latest statistics show that the ratio of M0 to M2 in China is about 4%. Compared with the digital M0, the numbers M1, M2, … Mn are more imaginary. From the perspective of innovation, the central bank digital currency experiment is basically a relatively secret "Manhattan" project, which may not meet the development needs of the modern open source open community.