Tongcheng Holdings changed its stock short name to “Firecoin Technology” from November 18th.

On November 13, Tongcheng Holdings (01611) issued a notice stating that in order to reflect the change of company name, the short name of the shares traded on the Stock Exchange will be changed from "PANTRONICS HLDG" to "HUOBI TECH" (English) and by "Tongcheng Holdings". "Changed to "Firecoin Technology" (Chinese), effective from 9:00 am on November 18, 2019. In addition, the company's stock code on the Stock Exchange remains unchanged. According to previous reports, on November 1, Tongcheng Holdings announced that the company's English name has been changed from “Pantronics Holdings Limited” to “Huobi Technology Holdings Limited”. The dual foreign name of the company's Chinese has been established by “Tongcheng Holdings Limited”. "Changed to "Firecoin Technology Holdings Limited", effective October 11, 2019. In addition, the company's logo and website have changed.